News: Statistics on car buyer preferences - Opel Adam women's car?

Even if the marketing experts of the automaker would probably deny it as well as the car buyers: Apparently there are both women and seniors' cars. The car and motorcycle community "Motortalk" has evaluated the purchase searches of their users, while some prejudices have been confirmed.

Thus, the most sought-after model among female users was the fashionable microcar Opel Adam, who has earned the reputation of being a women's car with his cuteness factor since his launch. The most popular vehicle in the older generation was the Mercedes B-Class, which is considered with their increased entry as a successor to the old A-Class as a senior car.

Surprisingly, however, seems the most sought-after used car model: In the category under 10.000 Euro - the German average price for used - is the Italian compact Fiat Punto ahead. The fact that the VW Caddy is the most sought-after commercial vehicle, not surprisingly again, but the high-roof combination is also regularly in the new registration statistics of the Federal Motor Vehicle Office to find far ahead.

70.000 purchase research from the second half of 2014 on the community-owned platform has been included in the statistics. There, a questionnaire based on one's own wishes helps to find the right car.

Author: Hanne Lübbehüsen / SP-X

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