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Opel Adam Jam glam slam

It must be the sheer despair that comes to work in the morning in the offices of the Rüsselsheim carmaker. Otherwise I can not explain these absurd steps. Not that in Rüsselsheim you would not be able to build sensible, attractive, entertaining or even sporty and legendary models.

But seriously. First this name for the new baby in the group of the German automaker with the nasty stepparents from the USA and now also the cramped attempt to impress a young group of buyers on the model with “hip” names for the equipment lines.

Opel ADAM - Jam / Glam / Slam

Lot - manual notification! Who was that? Who was secretly reading Bravo in the toilet again in the creative department? And what does the board of directors do? Shouldn't he know better? Or did “Adam” and the hip creative mix with the two end letters from the model name in English already sound so good that no contradiction could be made in Rüsselsheim?

Question after question. So far, only one thing is clear: the Opel Adam should be the Mini Cooper, the Fiat 500 and the DS line among the Opel models. Will that work? Would Opel buyers want a Hessen Cooper? Or a Frankfurt Fiat 500? With the right dose of “Äppler”, Adam's wild mix of shapes may turn into a pleasing creation.

However, I write this text completely matter-of-factly - I may be missing the right perspective for this model.

To push the whole project with emphasis and pressed pedal to the wall, also comes an old engine family under the hood. Modern downsizing engines, which make sense exactly where the member of the Adams family is supposed to spread, will be offered later. Even an automatic is currently not offered.

After all, ESP is on board in series, so the journey into the history of the sad automobile births stays true to the track ... at any time! Great.


No polemics? Just read a little more about the new Adam? Then please visit the colleagues. Either Jens from rad-ab.com, as well as Thomas Gigold have in turn written a little about Adam.



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