Opel Astra optimizes: savings for the small diesel

Opel has made the small diesel of the Astra more economical. In the 81 kW / 110 PS variant, the 1,6 liter four-cylinder should now need 3,6 instead of 3,7 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers. This corresponds to a reduction in CO2 emissions from 97 to 94 grams. The manufacturer specifies the consumption of the variant with 100 kW / 136 PS with 3,7 instead of 3,9 liters (99 instead of 104 grams). The reduction was achieved, among other things, through reduced drive friction, rolling resistance-optimized tires and modified aerodynamics. The prices of the models do not change: the weaker version costs from 20.640 euros, the stronger one at least 22.240 euros.

However, the relatively heavy Astra cannot keep up with the most economical models in its class. The Peugeot 2 currently holds the best CO308 value for compact diesel cars with 82 grams. In the new, much lighter generation of Astra expected for the end of the year, Opel wants to venture into similar areas.

Author: Holger Holzer / SP-X


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