Opel Combo e-Cargo

Instead of diesel or gasoline, the electric Opel Combo travels through the city and the surrounding area with zero local emissions. But it still takes a while before it hits the market.

After the electric Vivaro van, Opel is expanding its commercial vehicle fleet with another e-model, the Combo e-Cargo. The high-roof combination starts in autumn. At the end of the year, the electric version of the Movano completes the portfolio.

With the battery-electric combo, the drive unit known from other PSA models, consisting of a 100 kW / 136 PS electric motor and a 50 kWh lithium-ion battery, provides propulsion. The standard sprint takes 11,2 seconds and the top speed is reached at 130 km / h. According to WLTP, the range is up to 275 kilometers. It can be charged to 100 percent in just under 30 minutes at a public fast charging station with up to 80 kW. A three-phase 11 kW on-board charger is standard equipment for charging a wallbox.

Like the conventionally powered versions, the electric combo is available in two lengths. The 4,40 meter long version offers a loading volume of up to 3,8 cubic meters and holds objects up to 3,09 meters long. She can pull up to 750 kilograms on the hook. The 4,75 meter long variant has a loading volume of up to 4,4 cubic meters and has space for goods up to 3,44 meters long. Up to two Euro pallets can be loaded. In addition to the standard cabin, a double cabin for 5 people is also available.

If desired, the Combo e-Cargo can also be equipped with numerous assistants, including a sensor-controlled overload indicator, an adaptive traction system and trailer stability control.

Opel has not yet announced any prices for the electric high-roof station wagon. However, the latter benefits from the innovation bonus from the economic stimulus package. The environmental bonus for battery electric vehicles that cost less than 40.000 euros net is 9.570 euros.

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