Opel Crossland X - Alliance with X

In addition to the appearance of an SUV, the 4,21 Meter long vehicle offers a raised seating position, a variable interior and a modern infotainment system

The letter X is enclosed Opel for SUV. Another of them is now in the starting blocks. The Crossland X expanded in the summer, the SUV offer below the mocha. The small SUV is to win in the environment of Nissan Juke, Renault Captur and Fiat 500X customers. In addition to the appearance of an SUV, the 4,21 Meter long vehicle offers a raised seating position, a variable interior and a modern infotainment system. Exact prices called Opel not yet. However, the Crossland X developed in collaboration with the French PSA group is expected to start at around 16.000 Euro.

Exact prices called Opel not yet

The alliance partners - the cooperation has existed since 2012 - use a jointly developed platform and many common parts. It is important to the Opel responsible, however, that everything you see and feel comes from the Opel shelves. The interior was convincing with a first seat sample. Dashboard, infotainment systems or the seats are known from other Opel models. The space is good, in the rear it is quite comfortable.

In addition to the Onstar telematics service, the well-known infotainment systems are also available, which are controlled via large displays and enable, among other things, the connection of Android or Apple smartphones. Depending on the equipment or extras ordered, there is also steering wheel and seat heating, a panoramic glass roof or a rear bench seat that can be moved by 15 centimeters. If this is on board, the trunk volume can be increased by utilizing the adjustment range from 410 to 520 liters. If you flip the rear seat backs, a flat loading floor is created and the volume increases to 1.255 liters. Unfortunately, the rear seatbacks can not be moved from the trunk by a button. You have to grab over the wide trunk cover.

The interior was convincing with a first seat sample

In addition, Opel has other assistants in the program, including a front camera, which passes the allowed speed to the cruise control system. At the driver's request, the speed is adjusted to the limit. These include, among other things, an emergency braking system with pedestrian detection as well as for the first time at Rüsselsheim a panoramic rear-view camera with 180-degree perspective. The options also include full LED headlights and a head-up display.

At launch, the small will be offered with three three-cylinder petrol and two diesel engines. She contributes to the alliance partner PSA. The 1,2 three-cylinder engines deliver 60 kW / 81 horsepower, 81 kW / 110 horsepower and 96 kW / 130 horsepower; the two 1,6-liter diesels that work with Adblue add-on come on 73 kW / 99 PS and 88 kW / 120 PS. The power take over depending on the engine five- or six-speed switch, an automatic should also be available. Chassis and steering but were adapted by Opel engineers.

The space is good, also in the trunk is enough space

Although the appearance of the Crossland plays with the typical SUV design specifications, including plastic cladding on the wheel arches or on the side skirts, excursions into the terrain should not be undertaken. The vehicle is offered exclusively with front-wheel drive.

Opel's turn to the mini-SUV means at the same time the end of the Meriva; the minivan with the striking counter-rotating doors is no longer produced. The trend towards the SUV but should not be the end of all vans at Opel. When Tiguan challenger Grandland X starts in the fall, the Van Zafira remains in the program - at least for the time being. (Elfriede Munsch / SP-X)

Opel's turn towards the mini SUV also means the end of the Meriva
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