Opel Crossland X - Francophile Russelsheimer

Crossover: A word we have become accustomed to in the meantime. Vehicle classes are becoming more and more blurred and are actually a thing of the past. It is built from what one would expect the shopper to like, drawers simply stay closed. The Opel Crossland X whistles on her as well as his platform brother, the Peugeot 2008. Next to the Opel Mokka X, who carries the first model an X in the name, now enters the Crossland the stage and is to pave the way for the Grandland X. We look at the details of the Francophile Russelsheimer.

Pure front-wheel drive: The Opel Crossland X

High taillights and a soft SUV look as the hallmark of the new Opel

It is compact - but you can imagine that, if you have the Peugeot 2008 has in mind. Accordingly, the main use of space for the Opel Crossland X is staked: The urban space, as it is so beautiful in marketing German. And so the crossover with its spacious interior should be ideally suited for the weekend shopping and the transport of the little ones to the kindergarten. That is, as long as you do not send the Opel Crossland X over unpaved roads, after all, only the front wheels are driven.

Just huge, the little one ... wasn't that even a Peugeot slogan?

With its outside length of 4,21 m, the Crossland is well 16 cm shorter than a Astra, but also extends ten cm more in the air. So it acts more like a van, because like an SUV, but it facilitates the entry. To jump up a little on the SUV boom, the Rüsselsheimer treated their offspring a Kunststoffbeplankung and an indicated underrun protection front and rear. In order to introduce something lifestyle character, one put also the roof form of the Adam Opel a, which brings a "free-floating" C-pillar. In addition, you can choose the roof in different colors.

To make sure

In front, however, stand out the full-LED headlamps with adaptive headlights, which enclose the distinctive grille complete with chrome trim. They make it possible to illuminate the street at almost full daylight at night, while thanks to the new head-up display you no longer have to take your eyes off it - a true safety plus. This is one of the keywords of the new Opel Crossland X. Thanks to its new 180-degree panorama camera and the automatic parking assistant you are not only immune from nasty parking bumps. Added to this are a front collision warning system with pedestrian detection as well as a lane assistant, a fatigue detector and a blind spot warner.

Clearly structured cockpit with modern assistants and Intelli-Link infotainment

In the interior, the new SUV is also waiting with modern technology. On Apple CarPlay or Android Auto you do not have to do without the Intelli-Link infotainment, which is displayed on a display of at most eight inches. In addition, you can charge your smartphone wirelessly and surf the Internet via a Wi-Fi hotspot. Beautiful new technology world. But what about the old values, such as the space available? Four passengers travel very comfortably and can look forward to 410 liters of luggage volume. These can be extended by moving the rear seats by 15 cm or folding them to a maximum of 1.255 liters. Such values ​​are simply classless even with crossovers.

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