Opel grants a discount on Astra, Corsa & Co. - premium savings

Opel is currently giving a discount

Opel apparently wants to reduce inventory and therefore grants buyers of immediately available new cars up to the 23. May 2016 a discount of up to 3.500 euros. According to Opel, the price reduction is granted on storage, demonstration and management vehicles. The series Astra, Adam, Corsa, Karl, Meriva, the compact SUV Mokka and the family Van Zafira Tourer are called.

The discount granted Opel regardless of the financing option. Whether by bank credit, leased or paid in cash, customers get up to 3.500 Euro, but only while stocks last. A disbursement of this sum is not possible by the way.

The discount promotion will be advertised as a winner bonus from Opel. The background: Recently, Opel has won some prestigious car prizes, such as the "Golden Steering Wheel" for the new Astra. The people of Rüsselsheim take this and other “victories” as an occasion for their discount campaign. (Mario Hommen / SP-X)

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