Opel is no longer an automaker

150 years of Opel
150 years of Opel

There have already been a few posts on my blog on the subject of “Opel” and my position on the current situation is clear: Opel could be a great automobile manufacturer. Well then. Because of my often very polemical articles about the Rüsselsheim “store”, the Opel press department doesn't answer my inquiries either. Which I don't care about by the way. There are plenty of other very interesting and much more communicative automobile manufacturers.

Opel is in a crisis. With this headline you would no longer sell a newspaper, it was too hackneyed and completely used up. The word crisis has been used inflationarily in connection with the manufacturer. The world needs new headlines:

"Opel is no longer a car manufacturer, Opel is an industrial drama" 

(Quote: http://www.ftd.de/unternehmen/industrie/autoindustrie/:ruesselsheimer-industriedrama-gm-ramponiert-das-opel-image/70064240.html)

I can only agree with the author Sven Clausen. In this context, a contribution on Motor-Talk is particularly worth reading: "The black series from Rüsselsheim". It is a sad story with which comparisons one has to describe Opel's current situation. But I don't see any solution for Opel either. In this context, the dealings with critics and the extremely poor communication behavior of the Opel PR department are of course also sad.

Well then. You get, what you deserve. A comment under the ftd.de article asked succinctly: "Why not just rename Opel Chevrolet?“Good question - we might see that too. Opel no longer has its own brand culture anyway. What is missing: Own models with character, motorsport commitment and fascinating products with a real Opel character. Instead: Only marketing bubbles that come from Rüsselsheim.

Too bad.



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