Driving Report: Peugeot e2008

Peugeot sends the reissue of its bestseller 2008 to the charging station instead of the tap

As the second SUV in the PSA Group in addition to DS 3 Crossback E-Tense gets the Peugeot 2008 a purely electric drive. He is well 35.250 Euro with 3.000 Euro cheaper than his sister model of the in-house luxury brand DS and has a range of 310 kilometers.

This is how the new Peugeot e2008 drives

Once again takes a so controversial compact SUV its critics away the arguments. Now Peugeot also sends the reissue of its bestselling 2008 to the charging station instead of the tap. The motto for good conscience: reasonable range of over 300 kilometers, city-suitable dimensions and of course at least on-site emission-free driving. In all these chapters, the new e2008 can put a tick.

It depends on the point of view. Depending on which side you approach the front of the new e2008, the otherwise silver lion shimmers in the grille in green or blue. Flattering colors as a symbol of the beginning electric age. Otherwise, Peugeot is cautious to make the special feature of the 4,30 meter long compact SUV recognizable. In each case a small "e" below the two ends of the A-pillar and the filigree lettering "e 2008" on the tailgate. Good that in Germany there is the big "E" as the last place in the license plate. Otherwise the neighbors would never know how trendy the new car buyer from next door is.

So purely electric, this new edition of the bestseller, which comes a little later to the dealers as the technically closely related sister model of the group's luxury brand. The more expensive 3.000 Euro DS 3 Crossback E-Tense will be available from December, the e 2008 follows in April and holds with 35.250 Euro a clear distance from the 40.000 Euro hurdle. At least, as far as the starting price is concerned.

The driver's gaze on the instrument cluster is not through, but over the steering wheel

The second Stromer with Peugeot-Löwen at bow and stern takes over largely the technology of the recently presented sedan 208 e. This applies to the battery capacity of 50 kW / h, the power of 100 kW / 136 PS, the charging times of 30 minutes at the super column to more than 24 hours at the good old household socket. The electric package of the French fits into different models on the same new platform. This saves money on production, thus also pushing the price for the future owner. Since the e2008 is heavier and taller than the small sedan, it naturally does not come quite as far with 310 kilometers as the cuddly 208e, which can be on the road for longer than 30 kilometers.

Facts that quickly disappear behind the flattened steering wheel. The view of the virtual cockpit with 3-D optics indicates the distance, which still allows the battery charge. The 10-inch HD color monitor reveals on request in a kind of cartoon, what the electronic command center in the interior of the five-door just so drives. Loading, because the Frenchman is rolling downhill or the driver has taken his foot off the pedal? Or the electric motor gets its lifeblood just out of the battery and counts at the same time the range display in increments of ten down. The thrilling driving pleasure in an electric car. That's no different in an exhaust-less SUV than in a small electric smart or the yellow streamers of the post office.

Peugeot sends the reissue of its bestseller 2008 to the charging station instead of the tap

The difference to the traditional 2008 models with petrol or diesel engine, which of course there is also the model change, can be experienced on the mountainous up and down on side roads in Provence. Thanks to the rather heavy battery in the basement, the e2008 has a lower center of gravity, lies like the proverbial board, precisely follows the steering movements, twists anything but cumbersome when necessary for tight bends. Of course, there is also the sport mode, in which the e-brain has only the power in mind and also comes to the promised 150 km / h on the highway. But why? Even in the "Normal" position, the SUV rages without a shift handle, for example when a truck has to be overtaken. Then return to the leisurely, almost silent gliding.

In each case a small "e" below the two ends of the A-pillar and the filigree lettering "e 2008" on the tailgate point to the electric drive of the 2008

Before the start, the Peugeot technicians had advised to prudence. Our e2008 is a so-called pre-production model. The airbag technology had not yet been connected, some of the orderly assistance systems were not yet on board and the workmanship did not yet have the remarkable state of the burner models that come earlier in the market. So the engineers still have time for the final touches. For example, for adjusting the range display whose values ​​are currently not always logical. Where does 15 straight-line distance suddenly increase its range by 30 kilometers? To then show two kilometers further 40 less kilometers again. "We'll get it all over," promises Peugeot.

Currently, the sellers expect the e-version of the total sales of less than ten percent. Thanks to the current (4.000 Euro) and coming state and industry "aid" (6.000 Euro), the numbers could rise rapidly. If Peugeot gets the necessary batteries from China on time.

Peugeot e2008 - Technical data:

Five-door, compact SUV with five seats; Length: 4,30 meters, width: 1,81 meters (with exterior mirrors: 1,99 meters), height: 1,55 meters, wheelbase: 2,61 meters, trunk volume: 405 - approx. 1.437 liters

Electric: electric drive with fixed gear ratio; Lithium-ion battery with 50 kW / h. 100 kW / 136 PS, maximum torque: 260 Nm, front-wheel drive, 0-100 km / h: NN, Vmax: 150 km / h, standard consumption (WLTP converted to NEDC): 17,8 kW / h / 100 kilometers, range: approx. 310 km, charging time (to 80%): approx. 30 min. at 100 kW, approx. 80 min. at 50 kW, 5,25 hours at 22 kW, 5,0 hours at 11 kW, 11,0 hours at 4,5 kW,> 24 hours at 1,8 kW single-phase household socket. CO2 emissions: 0 g / km, efficiency class: A +, price: from 35.250 euros

Peugeot e2008 - brief description:

Why: Bestseller in a new dress and also still electric
Why not: Because maybe it will soon be Opel Crossland "E"
What else: DS 3 Crossback E-Tense, Hyundai Kona Electric, Kia e-Niro
When will he come? In April

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