First exit: Peugeot 508 SW

Peugeot has given the 508 a rejuvenation. Before its premiere at the Paris Motor Show 2014, the revved Peugeot 508 SW on Mallorca was able to show what it can do better - and what not.

After a good four years it was time for a revision. Four years ago, Peugeot squeezed two models together. Already 2010 was the 508 a nice and unfortunately also rare car. With the 2014er facelift the Frenchman with the grille slipped into the grille becomes even more attractive - at least in the front. At the stern, however, did not do much.

But this completely turned over front; chic, très chic. The new family face raises its nose steeply and self-confidently in the Majorcan wind. Matching freshly contoured full-LED headlamps that draw attention with their three LED modules per headlight. No matter what angle the viewer approaches the front, the lion's snout looks really good.

And although I'm not a great combo-friend, the 508 SW looks more elegant than its sedan counterpart. The most striking features are the barely lifted rear end of the modified rear lights of the sedan and the visually successful, embedded in the bumpers tailpipes of the GT top engine 2.2 HDi 200.

The 508 inherited from the blessed 407 and 607 has high expectations. Optically, this is best achieved with the 508 SW GT, which knows how to please, especially in mother-of-pearl white, in bright sunshine.

And as befits a station wagon, the Peugeot 508 SW can load properly - at least 550 liters of air is available for luggage, in maximum configuration, the SW swallows 1.598 liters. Space in the second row is also abundant. Behind my driver's seat I have it with 1,80 m body length comfortable and airy. Only at the top it is a bit short because of the panoramic glass roof.

The interior pleases. Both tactile and visually, the Peugeot 508 can be seen and felt. Unusual are the start button to the left of the wheelhouse à la Porsche and the adjacent electronic parking brake. The three-spoke leather steering wheel may appeal to haptics, but is overloaded with plenty of controls. The displays in the instrument cluster can be read without hesitation; nice is also the oil temperature gauge, which for most will be unnecessary, but I am pleased.

For the facelift model, there is now an infotainment system with 7 inch touchscreen and a head-up display that projects relevant driving data onto a plastic disc in the driver's field of view. In terms of assistance systems, however, the 508 disappointed. Although a blind spot assistant and a reversing camera are available, Peugeot offers neither an adaptive cruise control system nor adaptive headlights for the optically successful LED headlights. Lane keeping or abandonment warners are also looking in vain for potential customers. For the Peugeot 508 is also "only" a facelift and not a new model. That's why the 508 has to do without the i-cockpit in the style of the Peugeot 308.

This is how the Peugeot 508 drives

Suspension and steering are trimmed as the seats on travel comfort. Hustle and dynamic escapades are not the métier of the 508 SW. This is something that drivers can feel about when they want to hurry around the corner and the Peugeot 508 pushes good-naturedly softly over the front axle. Instead, the Frenchman feels most comfortable cruising and gliding.
On the highways and highways of Majorca, the 508 SW appeals as a relaxed, comfortable travel vehicle, bringing the driver and passengers relaxed to their destination, regardless of the engine. The 1.6er Turbo with 165 PS, which is already familiar from the PSA Group, is ideal for gliding and as a daily driver. On curvy track, thirsting for speed and performance, the driver is disappointed. Not much is going on except for an increasing noise level. Of course, the 508 SW is not for such a thing - but you can give it a try.

Unlike the Peugeot 508 SW GT. His 2.2 liter large diesel engine pleases with proper Bums (450 Nm), which cares for soothing sovereignty. On paper, the standard 6 automatic gearbox may seem antiquated - after all, ZF now builds 9 automatic gearboxes - shows in driving, however, that even a fully automatic with six gears can satisfy. She turns buttery and fast. Even with manual switching operations via paddle, the gear change is pleasingly jagged. In addition, the speed level remains pleasantly low even at highway speed, so I do not 7., 8. or even 9. Gang missed.

Real defects do not afford the 508 SW. For those who value an assistance system fleet, the 508 may seem outmoded. But this circumstance can not hide the fact that Peugeot has succeeded in creating a beautiful station wagon that pleases with clean processing as a car for the long haul.

Highly recommended is the big diesel. The GT look sets further accents, the engine is cultivated and powerful, the 6 automatic transmission surprised. And also priced it's reasonable. The base price of 42.800 € seems hefty at first, but that's all standard on board, which is good and important. For me personally, there would only be additional charges for the paint, 19-inch rims and sound system added. The rest - LED headlights, navigation system, reversing camera, blind spot assistant, head-up display, heated seats, etc. - is on board anyway.

sales release

At the beginning of October, Peugeot will present the revised 508 at the Mondial de l'Automobile in Paris. In addition to sedan and station wagon, there will again be a Peugeot 508 RXH, which will be available as a crossover with all-terrain planking both as a diesel hybrid 508 RXH HYbrid4 and for the first time as a diesel RXH 2.0 BlueHDi 180. In addition, Peugeot offers the diesel hybrid powertrain in the sedan.










Text & photos: Mario von Berg
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