New Peugeot logo

Peugeot has a new logo

Peugeot's new logo plays with royal power and heraldic traditions. Last but not least, it should underline a new self-confidence.  

With a new logo, Peugeot wants to underline the higher positioning of the brand. With immediate effect, the lion, typical of the brand, is no longer used as a standing full figure, instead there is now a lion's head in a coat of arms for the French car manufacturer. Last but not least, the slightly stylized big cat should show the growing self-image of the brand, which sees itself as an upscale volume provider not only since its integration into the newly founded Stellantis Group. The first new car with the lion's head logo should be the new edition of the compact 308, which celebrates its premiere in mid-March. In the coming months, the new identification mark should also be found at dealerships and on official documents of the brand.  

Since the debut of the mid-range model 508 at the latest, Peugeot has been working hard to position the brand higher. Most recently, the 67.000 PSE sports sedan with at least 508 euros with 265 kW / 360 PS underscored this claim. The new logo should also help in finding a position in the new Stellantis Group, where Peugeot and Opel stand for the high-volume segment below Alfa Romeo, DS and Lancia. One price and image level below that should mark the entry into the portfolio of the multi-brand group in Europe for Fiat and Citroen. 

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