News: New paint for Peugeot 208 - Semi-matt jewel

A new special paint job offers Peugeot from June for the freshly lifted small car 208. The so-called textured paint has a slightly grained surface and a silky matt finish. First, the tones "Ice Gray" and "Ice Silver" (only for 208 GTi) are available. The surcharge for painting is 800 euros, which corresponds to an additional cost of almost 200 euros compared to conventional metallic painting.

Peugeot claims to be the first large-scale manufacturer to offer a textured paint in series. Structured paint should differ from the known matt paints on the one hand by its slight sheen, which emphasizes body lines more strongly, and on the other hand by greater resistance and easier maintenance. The granular effect is provided by plastic beads mixed in the lacquer, matting is achieved by particles of silicon dioxide.

Author: Holger Holzer / SP-X


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