Peugeot 2008 - aggressive little Gaul

Peugeot lifts the 2008

His big smile is the first thing you notice. The newly shaped, distinctive grille with the vertical struts, which some cineastes may recall the great white shark Bruce from the comic film "Finding Nemo", is the most obvious feature of an intended change of character in the Peugeot 2008. The face-lifted, little Frenchman is said to be at the start of sales on June 9th, present much more suv-iger. After all, despite the numerous cosmetic measures, the base price of 15.500 euros remains the old one.

Of course, our Gallic neighbors noticed that the segment of small sport utility vehicles went through the roof. In Germany, in Europe, worldwide. In the B segment, which also includes Peugeot Heard in 2008, sales have quintupled in the past three years. There are no signs of an end to this development. Which is why the mix of off-roader and van that started three years ago as an "urban cruiser" with a robust, more powerful design emphasized the SUV properties. In addition to the steeper grille in the wind, this is reflected in widened wheel arches, protective planking made of scratch-resistant plastic all around, underride protection, new headlights and a claw-shaped light signature of the LED rear lights.

Compared to the much braver predecessor, this looks more aggressive, although appearances are deceptive. Just like Bruce, who, as the head of a vegetarian self-help group, barely shows his shark teeth. The Peugeot 2008 is not available with all-wheel drive even for money and good words. As an alternative, the Gauls only offer the so-called "Grip Control", which ultimately consists of a set of M + S tires for year-round operation and an electronic traction control. For this purpose, the driver can use a selector switch in the center console of the i-Cockpit to preselect five different driving modes, which provide settings for standard, snow, sand, terrain and ESP-off. This is certainly not suitable for difficult terrain, but is quite helpful as a traction aid, as demonstrated by a few laps in the deep sand off Valencia. And above all, it's cheaper.

The 2008 should look more like SUV
The 2008 should look more like SUV

However, the Grip Control is not standard on board. It can be ordered separately in the two higher equipment levels Active and Allure for € 200 as a single option. Or the complete GT-Line package is selected, the integral part of which is traction help. Then an additional 1.100 euros is due. This option, which is only available in the Allure version, primarily offers visual incentives. Chrome is replaced by black trims, 17-inch light-alloy rims are fitted and there are red contrasting seams on the floor mats, armrests, gear knob and belts.

A new addition to the list of options is a rear-view camera, which is not a matter of course in this vehicle class. The possibility that Android and iPhone customers can now integrate their smartphones into the new infotainment system via MirrorLink or Apple Car-Play is also one of the innovations of the 2008 facelift. The City Emergency Brake function, which initiates full braking at speeds of up to 30 km / h if the driver does not respond in a critical situation, is part of the standard scope of the Access standard equipment.

The range of engines is broad, but was unchanged from the predecessor. There is a choice of three petrol engines, all of which are based on the 60-liter three-cylinder, which is turbo-ventilated in the two more powerful versions, and two in the 82 kW / 81 PS, 110 kW / 96 PS and 130 kW / 1,2 PS output levels 1,6-liter Blue HDi diesel with 73 kW / 99 PS or 88 kW / 120 PS. In addition to the basic version, an automatic start-stop system helps to curb consumption in all variants, which is cheapest in small diesel with a standard value of 3,5 liters. This engine showed sufficient temperament during the first test laps, but is acoustically present at all times. As the most economical petrol engine, the 1.2 Pure-Tech convinces with 4,4 l / 100 km standard consumption. It works without grumbling and growling and ensures rapid progress, provided that it is not coupled with the six-speed automatic, with which it seems to be tied down.

Nothing has changed in terms of space. In the rear, which is appropriate for the segment, they are not exactly lavish, but acceptable. You can't do magic over a length of 4,16 meters. The luggage compartment has a passable 350 liter volume and can be expanded in two simple steps by folding the rear seats into a level loading area with 1.194 liters.

Behind the Opel Mokka and the Renault Captur, the Peugeot 2008 came third among the mini SUVs in Germany so far, but was recently overtaken by the Mazda CX-3. With the retreaded 2008, the French at least want to regain their old rank. That should be possible because the B segment is not a shark tank. The forecast growth rates still leave enough room for everyone. (Michael Lennartz)

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