Peugeot 5008 - All-wheel drive is dispensed with

Peugeot replaces the Van 5008 with a sleek and spacious SUV of the same name

Car manufacturers are increasingly replacing their vans with modern SUVs, whose beefy, robust appearance seems to hit buyers' nerves much better than the utility-value look of a Pampers bomber. The most recent example is the chic drawing Peugeot 5008, who rolls to the dealer in March and wants to compete with candidates like Skoda Kodiaq, Nissan X-Trail and even Land Rover Discovery Sport. However, the family SUV, available from 24.650 euros, starts with a competitive disadvantage that is not to be underestimated: it is neither available for money nor good words with all-wheel drive.

On all-wheel is waived

Of course, in this league only a few customers really go for the four-wheel technology, but a bit of the adventure image that spray the four-wheel drive models, is included with every Tiguan and Co. in the price. But the French are convinced: their Advanced Grip Control regulates the distribution of torque on the front wheels so confidently that customers will never miss the powered rear axle; especially since they even suggest off-road capability with three selectable off-road modes. On ground-level gravel, mud and forest trails that may be enough, but even with the brisk acceleration uphill sometimes flashes the ESP light wild. And as he struggles on the snowy road to the winter chalet, the 5008 also has yet to prove.

Who uses the basic petrol engine for cost reasons, makes no big mistake

The advantage of only two powered wheels lies in the consumption: None of the three sovereign diesel (88 kW / 120 PS, 110 kW / 150 PS and 133 kW / 180 PS) needs more than 4,8 liter of fuel, and the two gasoline make do with less than six liters. For savers, the SUV is still only conditionally the first choice: Except for the 1,2-liter entry Otto is not 5008 for under 30.000 Euro to have, and the only available as GT model strongest diesel drives the price even on a proud 41.550 Euro.

The cockpit of the 5008 largely corresponds to that of the 3008

Whoever uses the basic petrol engine for cost reasons does not make a big mistake. The three-cylinder runs surprisingly quiet and growls only under full load the typical sewing machine sound. With 96 kW / 130 PS and 230 Newton meters it gets up to 188 km / h fast and manages the sprint to city speed in 10,9 seconds; This is not very fast, but not significantly slower than the stronger 165-PS gasoline or the top diesel, which need about nine seconds for the same exercise over.

The luggage compartment is generously cut

A rather sporty gait prohibit but already the somewhat callous steering and the rather non-binding driving feel of the substructure: Although the springs are so tightly chosen that bumps easily penetrate to the passengers and on small suggestions, the car reacts with a nervous trembling. That's why the 5008 does not look particularly agile and direct, and the 1,65 high-body construction tilts noticeably to one side in the curve. In addition, you should pack up for the test drive the whole family: full load - depending on the equipment may be up to 735 extra kilograms in - should be the small petrol engine of its liveliness lose much. An impression of this you get when it goes uphill, and the Motörchen simply missing the capacity to properly generate draft.

Always on board is the new i-Cockpit, a digital instrument cluster that can be individually configured

The 2.200 Euro surcharge for the second Active equipment line is well invested: then the rear parking aid, automatic air conditioning, light sensor and the infotainment system with a large touch screen are standard equipment on board. And you get the opportunity to order extras such as the panoramic roof, the heated seats, a Abstandstempomat or the six-speed automatic, which are not available for the base. Always on board is the new i-Cockpit, a digital instrument cluster that can be individually configured. Before that, the driver straightens out a small, flattened top and bottom valance, which unfortunately can not be adjusted very far and thus makes it difficult for long handlebars to optimally adjust the large and comfortable chairs.

Instead of four-wheel drive, there are various traction programs

In the second row, there are always three separately movable individual seats, for 800 Euro surcharge can be ordered behind two other armchairs, which sink flat when not in use in the trunk floor. Also, the eleven kilogram lightweight folding chairs in row three can be expanded with a single motion, and they should even be retrofittable for those who decide to order the five-seater. However, not even small passengers and the entire folding mechanism can work well on the emergency places, as well as the covers on the trunk floor or the baggage roller blind - unlike the rest of the 5008 - are not very high quality. Once all the seats have been built, only one, two small travel bags go into the rear; as a five-seater, the SUV swallows 780 liters and all armchairs are cleared out of the way, you can pack up to 1.940 liter. If you then lay the passenger backrest flat, you can even transport items with a length of up to 3,18 - but only in the highest equipment line. (Michael Gebhardt / SP-X)

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