Test: Peugeot 308 SW

It was less than two years ago, in France. Close to the birthplace of French golf in Sochaux. My very own worldview on the subject of French cars, which I had painstakingly built up over decades, finally began to shake. Peugeot posed the new 308 before and at the end of the test drives I was a fan of the new golf opponent from France. There were several reasons for this and some of them are now also applicable to this 308. Although the 308 SW offers a little more of everything.

French weeks - part 6

In the driving report:

Peugeot 308 SW Allure Puretech 130

Nice station wagon, cute engine. Since the 308 had the brazen grin of his thick lower lip ironed out of his face, he hasn't noticed it that much. At least no longer negative. I like the new design language - and now, as a station wagon, the entire 308 looks as if it were made in one piece. Nice station wagons come from Ingolstadt? Also. Or better, it definitely was. This 308 SW should clear a lot in the future in the C-segment (Golf class). And pack up. Because the new SW can pack extremely well.

The SW was 22 centimeters longer than the hatchback. The space benefits the trunk and extends the line of the 308. Even the unorthodox flanked rear lights seem to be born to support the sidelines there. Seriously. The Peugeot 308 SW is visually extremely successful. Although the test car came to the test on its winter wheels. After all, what looks like cute 13-inchers are 16-inch steel rims with shapely hubcaps. From plastic. Naturally.

Peugeot test car 52 308 SW

Now with three-cylinder and air pump

In addition to the long tail, the new one wants 308 SW also score points with economical engines. We got to know the new 1,2-liter turbo gasoline engine in the test car station wagon. Three cylinders, hardly more than 1 liter and a turbocharger. This is also known from another volume manufacturer. The Ford EcoBoost three-cylinder was named “Engine of the Year” three times in a row and has probably done the great pioneering work for downsizing engines.

The new “PureTech” engine from the French (PSA) has a smooth 130 HP thanks to turbo charging and should be satisfied with 4.7 liters of petrol per 100 kilometers. He takes over the principle of the “small three-cylinder” from the Cologne-based company.

When driving, the mini-engine does well: There are powerful and quite present 230 Nm of torque that accelerate the station wagon. The whole thing happens so convincingly that there is no wistful thought of a four-cylinder. The French diet program certainly has a not inconsiderable part in this. Because the new 308 SW has lost 140 kilograms compared to its smaller predecessor. For the relaxed pace that the 308 SW dictates with its balanced chassis, the three-cylinder with its 1,2 liter displacement is definitely sufficient.

Peugeot test car 07 308 SW

test consumption

[tabgroup] [tab title = ”Everyday driver”] In the NEDC standard consumption, the Peugeot SW should get by with 4.7 liters. With us it was 6.4 liters on the everyday lap. [/ tab] [tab title = ”Eco-Expert”] Driving sparingly, 5.8 liters are feasible. [/ tab] [tab title = ”Without consideration”] Whoever takes the small three-cylinder for the brisk autobahn hunt is allowed a good 9.8 liters plan in. [/ tab] [/ tabgroup]

Everyday testing in the Peugeot 308 SW - PureTech130 Allure

More than enough space. In the trunk and on all seats. The interior of the 308 convinces not only by its space, the workmanship is extremely good. But a station wagon has to be able to do something completely different: pack up. And so convinced the 308 Peugeot SW Also in the most important category: The load (t) space: Because the tailgate opening is also quite large, the loading edge is low and the trunk floor is completely flat, suitcases, purchases, strollers and entire “student stalls” easily disappear into the deep luggage cave. 610 liters can be stowed away, if you fold the two-part backrest of the rear bench completely and use the 54-liter storage space under the floor carpet, there is space for 1.660 liters. For comparison: the class leader Golf Variant offers 605 to 1.620 liters.

Big hello in the cockpit. Extremely tidy, mini steering wheel and counter-rotating instruments. Here Peugeot got involved in the habits of smartphone users, because almost all controls are controlled via the 9,7-inch touchscreen. The only question that arises is why the touchscreen idea was not completely thought through. But that's not a criticism of the concept itself. Presumably, an even larger and more flexibly configurable touchscreen is reserved for a facelift.

All materials in the cockpit area, especially where you look and reach every day, make a solid impression and also feel good. The 308 has nothing at all of the supposedly dubious quality of a French automobile.

Peugeot test car 66 308 SW

Back to sports? What does a compact family station wagon with a 1.2 liter three-cylinder engine have to do with sport? Actually nothing. If it weren't for this “sport button” right next to the “start button” below the gear knob. If you press it, the fine fittings suddenly light up in red. That the two analogue instruments were divided in the middle by a practical multifunctional instrument, the tachometer turned in opposite directions and the whole package was placed very high up, everything was somehow different. But not bad. That they glow red in sport mode? Funny. So at the beginning. The accelerator pedal characteristic and the steering become more aggressive, just sportier. That doesn't really match the fine character of the Peugeot 308 SW. Unnecessary.

At the end...

This Peugeot 308 SW is a really good car. You should give the French to anyone who is actually on the way to the friendly VW dealer. Processing, design, noises and driving behavior - never before has a French been so close to the German class leader.

One should not forget that the Peugeot 308 SW is also a charging master and comes up with my modern three-cylinder turbo. And then there were the friendly Peugeot dealers, presumably also more cooperative than the next VW partner when negotiating the purchase price.

Here is the Peugeot 308 SW test drive


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