The new Range Rover Sport

Blasphemers would say: The sportiest thing about a Range Rover so far has been the football-playing husbands who bought their wives such a four-wheel aristocrat for the new rich. But - stop - because the new one "Sports" was together with the new Range Rover in training camp and has dropped pounds properly. It's a simple formula: "Less weight + more power = more driving pleasure"

In the case of the new Range Rover Sport, it is 420 kilograms that the Range Rover Sport, which still weighs over 2 tons, has lost. Range Rover wanted to put the most dynamic “sport” of all time on the mighty and up to 21 inch large rims. Has it succeeded?

Range Rover Sport SDV6

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The Range Rover Sport in the driving report

Three engines offers Range Rover to the start of the sport. Including two diesels and a supercharged V8 with overwhelming 510 PS and 625 Nm torque.

First contact

The eyes closed and the nose tells of the leather scent. A lot of leather. Even the dashboard was largely wrapped in leather. That's how I imagine British automobiles. Since a part of the craft must be visible, you have to be able to feel and experience it. The new Range Rover Sport is no exception.

Even if the new Range Rover Sport is now based on the Range Rover and no longer on the Discovery, the Sport is significantly shorter (-14,9 cm) and also a lot flatter (-5,5 cm) than the Range Rover and as a result, both share only 25% of the components.

The new Sport is only 6,2 cm longer than its predecessor, but has a 17,8 cm longer wheelbase, which not only benefits the design, but also the passengers in the second and, if desired, the third row of seats. Due to the leg room for the third row of seats, which can only be described as “clear”, Land Rover speaks of a 5 + 2 seater rather than a seven-seater. Practical: if you redeem the option on the third row, you won't lose any space in the trunk! Seats 6 and 7 fold elegantly under the trunk. (Where in the upcoming hybrid then probably the battery will sit ..! Guess)

The body of the new Range Rover Sport is made entirely of riveted and glued aluminum, a modern design that not only saves weight, but also promises more rigidity. In addition, the doors are made of aluminum and many other components of a magnesium casting.

Range Rover Sport SDV6 in meadow

Less weight, more power

What all engines have in common is the type of power transmission. The modern 8-speed automatic from ZF takes on the usual unspectacular but perfect work of gear selection. I have already written many hymns of praise for this transmission and it also demonstrates the optimal combination of comfort and agility in the Range Rover Sport. In conjunction with the “Terrain Response 2” all-wheel drive, the British spirit of sport awakens not only in “dynamic mode”.

Range Rover Sport during slalom

The V8 compressor

Is it positive because the V8 sound comes across so pure and ecstatic, or negative because the typical compressor whirring and howling is missing? I am divided. One thing is clear: the developers have weaned the compressor from the sound of its work rage. The supercharged five-liter V8 still remains the convincing captain in the dynamic Range Rover Sport.

The physics can not be outsmarted, with 510 PS and 625 Nm, however, the limits of the possible can move enormously far, even if the V8 sports with 2 tons on the runway. Under the furious roar of the 8 pots, the V8 range bounces from zero to 5.3 kilometers per hour within 100 seconds. Due to the pure power, the enormous dynamics on the straights is not surprising, the first aha moment will not follow until the British stunner enters the slalom.

No, it doesn't steer like a kart and any comparison with a sports car from Zuffenhausen would be silly and would only testify to strangers - but considering the fact that the Range Rover Sport offers 26 centimeters of travel on the front axle, 27,2 on the rear axle , 54.6 cm and thus offers a possible axle offset of more than half a meter (2 cm) and if you then remember the empty weight of at least 11 tons, the XNUMX centimeters of ground clearance (Minimal!) - then, yes then it's downright PHENOMENAL What the Range Rover Sport showed me on the closed runway of an airport in Siegerland.

With nearly 80 km / h around the slalom cap and with 120 km / h in the elk test. The Range Rover Sport literally forgets its dimensions. He dribbles around the hats and remains a fair sportsman.

Range Rover sport is driving fast by

The diesel engines

The more economical diesel engines are better suited for overland tours. Even if the V8 compressor is the self-declared captain of the Range Rover Sport team, the two 600 Nm strong diesel engines do not mean any real self-mortification. On the contrary - the 292 hp SDV6 in particular impresses with its power, ease of turning and smooth running and also makes realistic single-digit consumption values.

Where the V8 compressor furiously drumming not only grins the driver's mouth, but also lights up the faces of the German petrol station tenants, the three-liter V6 diesel trudges almost equally confidently with the power of its early torque swings Train.

If the bigger of the two diesels marches on Tempo 100, then the acoustics remains clearly more discreet and on the clock 1.9 seconds lie (7.2 secs for 0-100 km / h), but boring is still different!

The current entry-level engine in the Range Rover Sport World is the 258 PS strong and up to 210 km / h fast variant of the V6 diesel. Range Rover will present the 339 PS and 700 Nm strong V8 diesels until the IAA and additionally a diesel hybrid will celebrate its premiere at the IAA.

Range Rover Sport Pirelli tires


The Range Rover Sport clearly plays in the Champions League of the dynamic SUV world. This is also shown by the success and continued growth of the brand in the first half of 2013. Here, despite the current crisis in sales of new cars, an increase of 19% in the books of the British.

And should the water come up to your neck at some point, Range Rover has another ace hidden in the exterior mirror of the new Sport: The Range Rover Sport is the first off-road vehicle with a water depth indicator. There are sensors in the exterior mirrors that warn the driver of water depths that would exceed the Range Rover Sport's 85 centimeter watt capability.

Range Rover sport cockpit


Market launch at 20. September. 

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The current pre-sales figures of 900 vehicles also suggest that my prejudice: Only footballer wives would drive a Range Rover Sport - really just a prejudice.


Sebastian from “” also drove the Range Rover Sport HSE Dynamic 5.0, and read his opinion on the sporty Brit. 




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