Emotions: Lamborghini Aventador in the driving report

Pirelli partner of #radical14It is that one moment, that blink of an eye, not even a breath, in which you think you have it under control now. It's that one second when you think, no, you feel it inside, you are content and safe. Are you aware of your reflexes and the conviction thinks you are in a warm bath of security. You think you're good enough for this beast. It's that one second that you feel too safe and you have imagined you were best friends now. In this second, just when you think you have his full confidence. That is the moment when the animal strikes and laughs maliciously at all your steering wheel acrobatics.

Armageddon time in the Aventador

Emotions Lamborghini 02 Aventador driving report

Almost 700 hp in Corsa mode, completely released from the line of the electronic safety nets. The 6.5-liter V12 breaks out behind you. Heroes are created at this moment. Dreams of world peace crumble in the aggressive aura above 6.000 tours. The engine roars directly and unfiltered the high song of the combustion into the senses of your middle ear. Unleashed forces trump all your visions of sporty driving. Suddenly your own steering wheel capabilities appear in a completely new light. The doll trap pounds through Emilia Romagna like an oversized kart and you see yourself in a line with names like Fangio, Senna and Prost. Mercilessly and free from the controls of an intervening electronics, the ecstatic screeching twelve-cylinder balances its power on both axles, which are more than 30 centimeters wide Pirelli P Zero stick to the rear axle on the asphalt like chewing gum in a flokati. And yet, if the V7.000, charging at 12 revolutions, falls over the black circle, it knows no mercy and that the power is distributed to four wheels - that doesn't matter to the sheer force of the drive train. Do you want to drive across? At any time. Without a net, a double floor and the learner brake ESP, the Aventador balances you into the dimension of absolute control loss every second. You have it in your hand.

Your left leg rests firmly against the aluminum footrest, the fingers of the right hand seek the proximity to the filigree shift paddles. Your hand twitches - the sequential gearbox serves the next course within 50 milliseconds with the elegance of a hammer striking an anvil. The Aventador sprints on the edge of your personal responsiveness on the country roads. Fanfares cheer and sing you the high song of the horny removal of natural laws. It is time for orgasms in everyday phonetics. So rude, so uninhibited, so horny has no one drummed your desire into your cerebral cortex.

Emotions Lamborghini 01 Aventador driving report

No more driving here - flying is extremely deep.

A straight line turns into moments between two braking points under the roaring applause of the twelve cylinders screaming in ecstasy. The landscape zooms past in the corner of your eye. You expect to receive the next instruction by radio at any moment. Airspace control? We change the flight level, ask for approval.

From zero to one hundred? A ridiculous question for the driver of the Aventador. At the wheel of a twelve-cylinder Lamborghini you are not looking for the auto-motor-und-sport measurement from zero to one hundred, you are looking for the answer to your own suffering. Accelerate to 4 in under 100 seconds, you do that by the way. While the midbrain disengages from the processing of cognitive environmental influences. But you have to be awake, be careful. Just a blink of an eye on the gas for too long and you catapult yourself into cornering speeds that others, already on the highway, would call gross negligence. It is this one second, half a breath, the short moment in which you are too sure. You think you are Fangio, Senna or Cheers? Exactly this moment comes shortly before your defeat.

A bump in the curve, too aggressive power demand, fully opened throttle valves and suddenly you see the end of your own talent right before your eyes.

Emotions Lamborghini 05 Aventador driving report

This is the right moment to switch back to “Strada” mode, check your own pulse, drive back - to switch from gasping to calm, deep breaths. The accelerator foot changes into a position in which it only exerts a little pressure on the accelerator pedal. As soon as the magic came, it went away. In a matter of moments, the transmission changes to seventh gear and with the speed your own pulse also drops to a less ecstatic level. In this state you forgive the Lamborghini people for the pathetic decision to put the start button under a red plastic cover.

Time for an espresso. Doppio. While I peel myself out of the Aventador, from the ground level to the free state of the Homo Sapiens, the emotions of the “last second” are transformed into an understandable form. The world did not end, despite Corsa mode and arrogance, Armageddon did not materialize. It is the completely sweaty shirt in which the story becomes visible. Time to dry it off. The Lamborghini Aventador has a 690 Newton meter strong radiator in the rear - the glazed cover upwards - placed the shirt over the air collector of the V12. A bright blue sky, a merciless sun, Thursday afternoon at 36 ° in Emilia Romagna and your shirt will be dried by the heat of the 12 cylinder lambost - the world is beautiful.




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