Impressions: Infiniti Q50's AWD Hybrid

infiniti q50 hybrid testdrive

The design beguiles. Emotional, athletic, seductive.

The Infiniti Q50 Hybrid knows your craving for naughtiness and tests your willpower. Will you succumb to the joy of performance? Or will you listen to reason and slow down?

364 hp system performance are waiting to be disregarded by you. Shut him down. In hybrid mode. Glide there. Smile at fuel consumption. Enjoy the silence. Or break out freely. Thunderous V6 barking. Angry towards top performance. You determine the journey.

Infiniti q50 hybrid king

He will protect you. Secretly in shield mode. He will iron out your mistakes, take you by the hand like a guardian angel. He watches over your weaknesses. It strengthens your endurance. The digital self awakens in the Q50 Hybrid. It feels at home. Hybrid fashion and all-wheel drive play perfectly together. Enjoy your hours.

infiniti 50 hybrid awd in the snow

Everyday life is elsewhere. Home is here. Here is blissful common sense. But just one click away the animal is waiting to be used. You dare …

The driving report for the Infiniti Q50s AWD Hybrid, here (click)




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