Braking distances in comparison - Porsche is the fastest

The Porsche 911 brakes convincingly

The brakes of new cars are getting better. As the ADAC has found in an evaluation of 500 brake tests from the past four years, the average braking distance of current cars, SUVs and vans is on average at 36,4 meters. Ten years ago, the value was still around 40 meters.

The shortest stopping distance of all checked vehicles has the Porsche 911 Cabrio, which comes to a standstill after 100 meters when the brakes are fully applied from 31,3 km / h. The powerfully motorized convertible also benefits from the low center of gravity typical of a sports car and the long wheelbase. Comparable models such as Jaguar F-Type, Mercedes SL and Audi R8 also impress with their short braking distances.

But even small cars now have powerful braking systems. The Mini One D performed best in the tests of the automobile club with 32,7 meters. Smart Forfour, Skoda Roomster and Ford Fiesta also stayed below the 35-meter mark. In the compact class, the Seat Leon ST and the related VW Golf Variant have the shortest braking distance (33,1 meters), in the large sedan classes the Mercedes S500 (32,6 meters) and in the SUVs the Volvo XC90 D5 (33,6 meters) Meter). The worst brakes in the test had the Citroen Jumper Combi van, which took 47,8 meters to stand still. (Holger Holzer / SP-X)

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