Deadline: RaceChip looks back on the Essen Motor Show

We know him by now, the little tuner from Göppingen, which is actually not that small. Chip Tuning for every budget and a variety of makes and models, these are the maxims of the power optimizer. Which tuner is mentioned? Of course, RaceChip. The Göppinger take stock after the Essen Motor Show - and that is very positive.

200 units were able to sell RaceChip from its chip tuning and accelerator tuning at this year's Essen Motor Show - a new record. One reason for the trade fair success: the wide range of Göppinger. RaceChip refrains from optimizing only one brand or specific models, but lays claim to many brands and models.

Crowd pullers: the two showcars

This can already be seen on this year's showcars, which brought RaceChip to North Rhine Westphalia. The tuner likes to play in the workshop with small caliber lasers, but for the trade fair it could be two very special exhibits: one McLaren 570S and an Porsche Panamera, From the British, the Göppinger in the end a McLaren 650SFinally, they pushed the performance of 570 showcars ​​on 650 PS and diabolical 666 Nm torque. Also the Zuffenhausener helped them on the jumps: his power increased from 420 on 505 horses. But much more impressive is its torque: Full 1.037 Nm dismisses the Panamera RaceChip of all fours. Very impressive.

The key to success: Proximity to the customer

These two vehicles were of course crowd pullers. Many trade fair visitors flattened their noses at the exhibits, believing that there was certainly no opportunity for their own vehicle to increase their performance. But far from it: RaceChip supports many brands. And so it happens that the Göppinger see the Essen Motor Show especially from the point of view of communication with customers. Here one could exchange ideas with those interested in their wishes and inspiration and perhaps dispel one or the other prejudice against chiptuning.

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