Detroit 2015: Porsche presents the 911 Targa GTS

When a top model gets a top version, it's like chocolate ice cream with an extra portion of chocolate sauce. Too much, or just delicious?

NAIAS 2015: Porsche 911 Targa GTS

The exhibited fenders of the 911 GTS simply match the basic shape of the Targa. A rear end with sex appeal, not only for Porsche fans. In the GTS Targa, Porsche combines the controlled fresh air imagination with the all-wheel drive of the GTS and its 430 PS. The 430 PS are actually far too much for cruising, but if you are into it, the Targa-GTS with its 305er wide tires catapults into the sky of lateral acceleration. Open at the top, of course.

The topless fun with the big butt starts from 137.000 €, let's see when we have the Targa GTS in the driving report. Chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce, we love it!


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