Big diesel recall starts - Porsche Macan starts

Porsche calls the Macan back

The mass recall of 630.000 cars with poor exhaust emissions can begin. The Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA) has now, according to the Federal Ministry of Transport first release for the conversion of the Porsche Macan granted. A total of 10.000 units of the mid-range SUV with 3,0 liter diesel engine have to go to the workshop.

The improvement is intended to ensure that the exhaust gas purification works fully from an outside temperature of 5 degrees Celsius. So far she only did this from 17 degrees. The inadequate cleaning was noticed in spring during investigations by the Federal Ministry of Transport that were carried out at Volkswagen in the wake of the diesel scandal. In addition to the Porsche SUV, nitrogen oxide emissions were also found to be too high in 25 other diesel cars from German and foreign brands.

The manufacturers justified switching off the exhaust gas cleaning at temperatures outside a certain temperature range - the so-called "thermal window" - by protecting the engine. In the opinion of the authorities, this is at least doubtful in the contested cases. The automakers then agreed to a voluntary recall ready. Probably to avoid further trouble

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