Paris 2016: Porsche 911 GT3 Cup

Shadow parking

Imagine the new GT3 is here and nobody is aware of it. What sounds incredible has happened in Paris these days.

Because where the whole world of ID, EQ, Amperä and the Rescue of the automobile in general speaks, you had to push the sustainability horn strongly at Porsche too. That is why the large stage belonged to the Panamera e-Hybrid. A little bit more electric, a little bit more powerful, a little bit more economical, a little bit less infotainant - which was to be expected.

More exciting though: the new 911 GT3 Cup was parked away in the shadow of the booth. After all, the best-selling motorsport vehicle ever. They have delivered 3031 units since 1998, noted the press release, in which the racing car was at least able to claim its own sales, while in the press conference of the new boss Blume it fell completely under the table.

Porsche 911 GT3-serie-009-paris-2016-fabian-Mechtel

Why is his presentation so important?

Because it's the new street GT3!

And the good news is not that we can see the new design of the production car a few days earlier, which will take over the installed bumpers of the 911 Cup unchanged, no: it's the drive.

4.0 liters. Mammal. Hand switched.

Porsche 911 GT3-serie-007-paris-2016-fabian-Mechtel

So all that where the 911R currently pays up to three quarters of a million euros depending on the specification. Only the GT3 will be available for everyone to buy and not just a handpicked audience.

The technical data can be read very well. 3996 cubic centimeters of displacement, achieved from 102mm bore and 81.5mm stroke. Known from the mighty brothers, but: more torque. The data sheet for the 480 Cup shows 911Nm, which is at least 20Nm more than for the GT3 RS and 911R. The top performance has meanwhile dropped to 485HP, there has to be some compromise with the cam profile despite the adjustment options on the inlet and outlet side.

This can certainly also be explained with the speed level. There are 8500 tours that the new engine can only turn, the peak performance is reached even at 7500 revolutions. As a reminder: the old 4.0 was allowed 8000 times per minute and culminated at 8250, also the small 3.8 from the standard road GT3, which thanks to the smaller hub could celebrate the magical 9000 mark.

A possible key apart from a different cam profile could be a massive improvement in friction performance. For the first time in a very long time, rigid rocker arms can be found in the valve train. These are also DLC-coated, which translates as “diamond-like carbon” and is not only incredibly smooth, but also tough. In addition, there is a new process for the raceway coating of the aluminum block. For the first time, the GT3 engines rely on a new PTWA process that belongs to the class of thermal plasma spraying: RSW, or "rotating single wire", in which a rotating wire is liquefied under the heat of a gas plasma and under pressure on the cylinder wall is injected.

Porsche 911 GT3-serie-020-paris-2016-fabian-Mechtel

Anyone who could no longer follow exactly here should say: it is the most stable and low-friction water boxer that has ever left the factory in Zuffenhausen.

Also new is the crankshaft with central oil feed, a centrifuge for better defoaming and thus less splashing losses in the crankcase, optimized oil extraction in the heads and mechanical pressure control of the oil pump.

Oh yes, the wonderfully wide front axle of the GT3 RS is actually only given to the cup racer. The road version remains at the front with the well-known 1551mm wide track width. But that doesn't matter, after all we like to repeat the most important facts of the most important new presentation in Paris:

4.0 liters. Mammal. Hand switched.

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