Porsche Cayenne GTS and Turbo S: Kings of the Lions

According to the sound, the place could definitely be found in Greece. In fact, hardly a spot in Europe is further from the Hellenes than the city in northern Sweden, where there is an airfield and countless lakes. Naturally freeze in the winter. And here at this time of the year it is not the moose and the bear but the king of the animal kingdom himself. At least if you can grant the Porsche Cayenne this title as the leader of the SUV team. In the wild and beyond the screened testing ground, the two new bosses appear in the lion clan for the first time, the most powerful versions of the recently renewed one Porsche-Model series. The 324 kW / 440 PS strong Cayenne GTS and the even more powerful Cayenne Turbo S with 419 kW / 570 PS. The prices: 98.152 for the GTS and 166.969 for the Turbo S.

The two top models follow the recent refresh of the SUV series, which has become immensely important for Porsche because of the ever increasing popularity of this vehicle category. 600.000 units has sold the sports car brand since the launch of the Cayenne in the year 2002. Visually, the two luxury SUVs are recognizable by the turbospecific front apron and larger air intakes or the blackened headlight masks.


The GTS is also 2,4 inches lower than the Cayenne S. Above all, the lower consumption in many markets is more than a fig leaf, which may calm the conscience with consumption values ​​of more than ten liters on 100 kilometers. At the standard distance, the GTS requires 0,9 liters of fuel less than its predecessor, which was still powered by a V1,2 machine that was 8 liters larger. The new 3,6-liter V6 still delivers 20 PS more. In the Turbo S, the V8 unit remains, which is also strengthened by 20 PS and 50 Newton meters offers more torque - in this case without additional consumption.

The performance has increased accordingly. The Turbo S accelerates from 4,1 to 0 km / h in 100 seconds, which is 0,4 seconds less than the predecessor. The GTS does the sprint in 5,2 seconds, which is 0,5 seconds less than before. With the optional equipment of the Sport Chrono Package, which includes the automatic maximum acceleration via the so-called Launch Control, the GTS wins 0 seconds again when sprinting from 100 to 0,1 km / h.

Both versions enjoy harmonious torque development, although the standard eight-speed automatic transmission makes any gaps unrecognizable anyway. The GTS - also equipped with two turbochargers - appears a bit more present, the Turbo S, where the loaders are positioned directly in the two exhaust manifolds for a faster response, impresses with brute force. 800 Newton meters torque peak should not be underestimated. The noise development is powerful and confident even during normal driving thanks to the sports exhaust system, and thanks to the additional flap control in the exhaust system, the engine sound can be improved by a very pleasant nuance for sporty drivers.


According to Porsche, the top models of the Cayenne should also be able to prove their suitability on the racetrack. With the Turbo S succeeded a lap on the Nürburgring-Nordschleife under 8 minutes. Nevertheless, the Cayenne with a boot capacity of a few 670 liter tidy away, and proves its practicality, if it can be easily directed by the city traffic, the parking assistant helps maneuvering in the parking lot. However, many of the helpers have to be paid extra. Although the significant price difference between the two versions is not due solely to the additional performance of the Turbo S, this model is largely fully equipped. Nevertheless there is room for extravagant extras. The price of the test car driven in Skelleftea was around 188.000 euros.

The two strongest and youngest Cayenne versions in particular are not home-made and will be reserved for a select audience. Your high entry prices may prevent inexperienced chauffeurs from climbing onto the space behind the wheel. Because to master the potential of the high-performance SUV even halfway, you need an experienced lion tamer. And who looks at the money and still wants to drive a hefty SUV from Porsche, which could be operated with the diesel. Or with the smaller Macan. Because the will debut this summer also as GTS version.

Author: Michael Kirchberger / SP-X

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