Porsche: Got a taste for electricity

The 718 series - behind it the Cayman and Boxster - should be renewed no later than 2023

It doesn't stop with the Taycan. Porsche is massively advancing its electrification strategy with expenditure of billions. In the next three years there will be four more Stromers. The 911 series, however, is still a long way from being connected to cables.

Officials at Porsche say that no vehicle projects will be discontinued because of the corona pandemic. Although the production lines in all production facilities of the Swabian sports car brand were completely idle for around six weeks and Porsche had to post a decline of twelve percent in sales (117.000 units) in the first half of the year, a profit margin of around ten percent is expected for 2020.

Porsche wants to invest in electrification

So there is no shortage of money to invest in the future. Porsche's plan is to invest ten billion euros in hybridization, electrification and digitization over the next three years. The portfolio currently has six model lines, with the 718 series - behind which are the Cayman and Boxster - the oldest. It should be renewed no later than 2023. It is difficult to imagine that the two entry-level models will still delight customers with conventional combustion engines (four-cylinder boxer). Plug-in hybrid technology also makes little sense in this segment (too little installation space). Full electrification is more likely. CFO Lutz Meschke announced intentions in this direction, who told the British specialist magazine "Top Gear": "The next generation of this car would be a good time to drive fully electric."

Here, Porsche mainly focuses on China. Today's 718s are almost only used in the big cities. A battery-electric design of the former mid-engine concept would therefore make more than sense.

After an initial update of the Taycan (now with 22 kW AC onboard charger and plug & charge option without a charging card from Ionity), Porsche is preparing the launch of the Taycan Cross Turismo for 2021. Erlkönig recordings on the net show the sports suit derivative already in the last test drives. Visually, the model is very close to the study “Mission E Cross Turismo”, which was presented in 2018 in Geneva.

Next, the electric Macan will be built

As another BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle), the Stuttgart-based company has the next Macan (from 2023) on the clock. The SUV will be the first Porsche to be based on the PPE (Premium Platform Electric) architecture developed together with Audi, an evolution from the J1 platform found in the Taycan and Audi e-tron GT. The Strom-Macan is to be built in Leipzig. The factory expansion costs 600 million euros. At the same time, Porsche continues to produce the current model in Leipzig. As long as the demand continues. And this is currently very high at around 100.000 units per year.

The electric Macan also has to meet the extraordinary requirements that Porsche places on a performance electric car. This includes ten times maximum acceleration from zero to 100 km / h and four times from zero to 200 km / h as well as a race lap on the Nordschleife of the Nürburgring without the battery management falling into the emergency program. Like the Taycan, the Macan runs on an 800-volt system. Five minutes of charging should provide around 100 kilometers of new driving distance.

For the 911 "not representable"

The current Panamera sedan could be replaced in 2023. Porsche does not currently want to answer whether it will be fully electric in addition to conventional combustion engines and plug-in hybrids. With regard to the Mercedes EQS and Jaguar XJ e-sedans, both of which will be coming next year, the BEV solution would be quite conceivable.
“Cannot be represented”, as Porsche calls it, is a completely electric 911. This means that the brand's icon will be the last model to lose its internal combustion engine. And it is not even said that this is the focus of the successor generation of the 992 (around 2026).

The developers are currently working on further derivatives of the 911 Carrera of the 992 series based on a tried and tested model. There are already 13 models. It could be over 20. Among other things, the GTS as coupé and convertible, the slimmed-down version 911 T and certainly the marketing strategists in Zuffenhausen will come up with a sinfully expensive 911 R, limited to 992 copies, are missing. Racing fans can look forward to GT3 and GT3 RS as well as GT2 RS. The GT3 RS will be presented in 2022 after the GT3 and GT3 Touring and will again receive a free-sucking four-liter boxer with probably now 550 PS (currently 520 PS). The turbo-powered GT700 RS is likely to have more than 2 hp and the price tag of 300.000 euros.


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