Porsche Ice Force: With spikes and 991 turbo S in the fight against physics

My-auto-blog.de is once again traveled to Finlandto meet an old friend above the Arctic Circle in the tranquil village of Levi, the Porsche 911 turbo. In its freshest stage of development, the evergreen, which has also been subject to forced ventilation for over 40 years, is intended to help us stay on top of the situation when we meet a very special opponent. Did the Zuffenhausen fireworks display help? Here is the report from the ice:

Small “turbo”, big “S” - the combination makes 580 hp

It is bitterly cold. The dry snow crunches softly under the four wheels. The current coronation of the Zuffenhausen chariots slowly rolls into the arena for battle. The opponent is clearly focused: the physics. And we know that they can only be attacked in full regalia. First and foremost, this requires an S behind the "turbo", so that full 580 PS and 750 Newton meters are available and countless acronyms for amplification. Only with them can one at least deal with the natural phenomenon in these extreme conditions. Hopefully. These include PCCB, the yellow-emitting 6 piston-aluminum monobloc calipers with 410 mm diameter ceramic composite brake discs on the front axle, or PDCC, the active chassis control system for roll stabilization and enhanced driving dynamics and agility ( as if a 911 would not have had enough!), or PDK, the best dual-clutch transmission of all, or PTM, the incredibly clever traction management for all-wheel drive, or PTV Plus, the torque vectoring system for fully variable torque distribution to the four driven wheels, including a finely controlled rear axle cross-lock, or PASM, the sensitive responsive electronic damper control. Is anything missing? Yes, PSM, the control system for the last possible stabilization in the dynamic range, but quite honestly: because working in the Nordic refrigerator with a wonderful net of soft snow, this function can in the fight of horse and rider vs.. Inertia be disabled. But the situation remains critical, because physics knows all these Swabian fanatics, so today we have brought a little surprise for our final boss: Spikes! 560 on the front axle and 700 on the rear axle and every two millimeters long. Therefore take that, you miserable natural law!

Spikes! Or 2.520 meet nails with relish on their heads

Well, even the brains of the 911 had not reckoned with this move, because this massive steel stocking in our 20 Zöllern (usually there were only about 200 steel pins in the rubber for the Scandinavian road traffic in winter) meshed so sustainably already in the warm-up lap into the Finnish ice that this led to confusion in the numerous control units. The power released by the driver on the accelerator, combined with a powerfully rowed steering angle, simply resulted in a lot of slippage that the clever 991 facelift was not designed for. As a result, the cerebrum sent the "activate protection" command to the multi-plate clutch. Not that in this boisterous way the driver of the vehicle would be too warm the subtle Kaftverteiler. Therefore: Reboot of man and machine. And then again with feeling. But even then you have to be wide awake, because the physics constantly lurking to throw a lightning tangent out of the circular path. Until you have the trick in the fight against the law of nature once out, it is a constant struggle with exactly this every mile in the ice milled roadway. But if you have some beads of sweat on your forehead later realized that the physics can not be defeated, but you can come in a perfectly balanced 911 wonderfully in line with it, the fight is a wonderful feast of the senses. A large, perfectly groomed circular area of ​​ice is the best playground you could ever want as a petrolhead. The Porsche Driving Experience also has a playground in Levi. And not only that, because the annual winter program offers not only the supreme discipline "circular path" but also sensationally embedded in the landscape handling routes, on which one can be instructed by patient instructors three days. The Camp4 Precision, Camp4S Performance, Ice-Force Master and Ice-ForceS Special trainings build on each other until you have the right feeling for snow and you just hug your former enemy, physics, with tears of joy in your eyes would like to.

When inability meets high-tech, only "activate protective function" helps

Alas, the worthy reader is interested in the above-mentioned trick of uniting with the law of nature? Quite simply: to bring the 991 turbo S with a targeted gas shock on the circular path from the rest, then stabilize the Auskeilende rear again, in which one does not - as usual - continuously deflects, but the steering opens emotionally again, until all four wheels in show a direction. That's the duty and then comes the freestyle: Use the accelerator pedal to vary the radius to the nearest millimeter. because more gas means more slippage during this cross-trip and on ice you can let yourself be drifted so emotionally into a further outlying circular path. You do not believe it? Then only one thing helps: try it yourself at the Porsche Driving Experience Winter 2017.

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