Singer Porsche 911 ACS

Porsche was not only successful on racetracks. In the 80s, the sports car manufacturer was also a leader in rallies. A bodybuilder from California is now reviving those glorious off-road times.

The body shop Singer Vehicle Design, who specializes in restomod conversions of older Porsche 911s, has converted a 964 Type 4 Carrera 1980 into a high-tech desert racer. The vehicle, dubbed All-terrain Competition Study (ACS), picks up on the spirit of the 1986s, when Porsche made modifications to its sports car models at World Rally Championships and even won the Paris-Dakar in 1000. But the ACS is not just a visual statement, but thanks to the expertise of Richard Tuthill, a British rider who specializes in rally conversions, it is also a state-of-the-art and well-equipped competition vehicle that will prove itself in the Baja XNUMX and the Dakar Rally in the future.

Drastic changes were necessary to survive the toughest tours in the world. The body of the base vehicle, which is more than 30 years old, was massively stiffened and the interior was equipped with a roll cage. In addition, the ACS was put on giant tires from BF Goodrich and equipped with more powerful brakes and a total of eight long-stroke dampers.

A 3,6-liter six-cylinder boxer with bi-turbocharging is used as the drive, which feeds its 331 kW / 450 PS and 570 Newton meters of torque via a sequential five-speed gearbox to the all-wheel drive equipped with three limited slip differentials. The ACS definitely drives fast and also allows fast drifts.

Its interior, which has been optimized for use in racing, is characterized, among other things, by two strongly contoured bucket seats with five-point belts and a huge display in the cockpit. In addition, the vehicle was equipped with a top GPS system, two spare wheels and a huge tank for extravagant tours far away from civilization.  

The ACS was commissioned from Singer by an unnamed customer who wants to take part in rallies with his off-road XNUMX in the future. The cost of the renovation is kept confidential. If you want to afford an ACS, you have to ask Singer or Tuthill personally about the price. In any case, the now presented ACS should not remain a one-off.

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