Column: The new Land Rover Discovery Sport

The Habby says (Editor's note, colleague Griesinger means Bjoern Habegger, the “blog mum” here), Soccer Mums drive Land Rover Evoque. Not correct! Far too small and not impressive enough. The right lifestyle mothers drive Cayenne, Range Rover, Q7, X5 or M-Class. The rest drives uncool vans. With devastated interiors, thank the blaspheming blasphemes with their chocolates, chewing gum and bun crumbs. But there is no hope that in the future, the not-so-better-off middle class with the flair of SUVs can decorate, because: middle-class crossover models are booming and increasingly models are also to find for the very fertile couples including: the seven-seater. The new Land Rover Discovery Sport is one of them.

Range Rover Discovery Sport

The name is completely misleading!

The term "sports utility vehicle" already includes the term of physical exercise. The new Disco SUV get it as a suffix again. Sport in the square so? Not at all! Even though this Land Rover is not the biggest in its class with 4,6 meters outside length, its at least 1,8 tons of liveweight definitely do not make it the lightest and it's too high with 172 cm anyway. Because we all know that only wiry lightweights in athletics are successful. Sporty at the Discovery Sport are so only the children, the mom picks up from football.

And they start to moan at the latest when Mutti is supposed to accelerate. No matter whether the fuel-efficient diesel with 150 or 190 horses or the petrol engine that is certainly not for sale in Germany with 240PS: driving dynamics in the longitudinal direction feels different. And the lateral acceleration? Yikes, since the little ones really start to yell, because the crowded with electronics all-wheel drive and the proper suspension tuning give the masked racer-Mum quite the opportunity to beat the SUV ship sporty around the curves. But does that actually happen in reality? Hardly, because actually brings woman / man (Sorry, equality must be) The kids just a few street corners further to the kindergarten, to the recorder lessons or to the very best friend. There is no need for sport, just articulate children, focusing on the can torment two folding chairs in the trunk or sit high in the second row of seats. Hach, Vans would actually be so much more practical in this situation. But they are so uncool and make even before the fresh financed semi-detached house a really shabby impression.

So it has to be an SUV and the Dicovery Sport doesn't actually tear that big a hole in the family budget: the fun starts at 32.250 euros, but then both the all-wheel drive, the fine 9-speed automatic or the neat 20 "wheels are missing. Oh, are they a duty to impress your dear neighbors too? Well, then the price tag climbs very quickly towards 50.000 euros. It has to be worth it to be able to call a few British nobility your own. But you also get a little gloss and finely sewn leather from the luxurious Range Rover models and almost the off-road capabilities of the Defender. The only question is, how often does Mommy really need the 60 centimeter fording depth, powerful ramp and slope angles as well as the terrain response control with up to five driving programs to bring her own brood and their friends to the cinema for the afternoon show?

Land Rover discovery Sport10 Kaikoura stone

Yes, Land Rover has spent a lot of effort to bring Discovery Sport a modern competitive vehicle to the wheels, the visually appealing somewhere between pumped-up Evoque and shrunken  Range Rover lies. The result is a really good car. So you do not have to be a clairvoyant to say that this crossover is a success. But why does this Discovery carry around this completely unnecessary name addition "sport" with itself?

Maybe you should take a test drive first? Why not with the big brother of the Discovery Sport? The Range Rover is too expensive? But not in 1:43! Drive it once 🙂 - or read ours Driving report to the big range.

The Range Rover as a 1:43 modelModel Car World presents:
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Land Rover Range Rover, matte gray / black 2013

Scale: 1:43 - metal / plastic - finished model
Premium X - No. 199233

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