Range Rover Evoque: facelift for the off-road Beau

Not an easy balancing act that the Range Rover Evoque has had to do for a few years. On the one hand, the compact SUV of the British is the “lifestyle SUV” par excellence, on the other hand a “small SUV” of the British has to march through the area. A fording depth of 50 centimeters is definitely a must.

Botox for the British

Range Rover Evoque launched

It's a delicate facelift for the Range Rover Evoque. You probably didn't want to change too much either. The small English SUV has been a permanent seller in the Range Rover range since its appearance in 2011. And the one with the largest number. Around 450.000 vehicles in four years. You can hold back a little bit about the upcoming facelift.

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The biggest novelty is then under the cover. In addition to the new engine, there is a revised landing gear. As an option, “Magnaride dampers” and thus shock absorbers with variable effects are available. The right tool to help the Evoque once again in both disciplines, soft touring and sporty waving. The fact that the steering has also been retuned helps to find out about the new chassis setup. For an SUV, the Evoque is pleasantly direct, joyfully and actively involved. The chassis prevents any rumbling. The Evoque feels grown up. And that with its manageable size.

So that the chassis feels challenged, a new generation of engines moved under the bonnet. The older 2.2 liter diesel (originating from a cooperation with Peugeot) had to leave their place, now modern 2.0 liter diesel engine of the “Ingenium generation” are taking their place. These all-aluminum engines are a Jaguar / Land-Rover in-house design and, thanks to AdBlue technology, are 100% trimmed to EU6. (In times like these you have to mention that!)

The new generation of Ingenium diesel engines are around 20 kilograms lighter than the 2.2 liter engines and are currently available in two power versions. The Evoque is nailing either 150 or 180 PS through the country. The Evoque can never completely hide the sound of the compression-ignition engine, it can still be concise when stationary, but then blurs more and more in the background at speed.

The 150 PS strong diesel is available as an eD4 with front-wheel drive, optionally also as an all-wheel drive. The 180 PS Diesel, on the other hand, is only available with all-wheel drive. However, what the front-wheel drive is definitely missing is the option to order the ZF 9 automatic transmission as an option. In contrast to the more bony manual gearbox, the machine spoils with smooth gear changes and an always suitable ratio.

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Five doors or three?

Above all a visual question. Everyone has to give himself the answer. The three-door looks even stricter. Range Rover calls the variant "Coupé" - well, you can do that.

Lifestyle costs

The Range Rover Evoque is definitely the lifestyle expert among the compact SUVs, but the British can pay for this “gloss” quite well. The price range for the admission ticket to the “royal” lifestyle SUV is between € 34.500 and € 56.400. There is still a little room for the options on the surcharge list.

It offers all kinds of delicacies. From the adaptive LED headlights and a large panoramic glass roof to air-conditioned seats, parking assistants, premium sound systems and various packages, in which the most important equipment details were summarized.

With 7.200 €, the luxury package costs as much as a small car elsewhere, but includes the panoramic glass roof, new assistance systems, the Meridian sound system, keyless go, an electric tailgate and a few other details.

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At the end...

The Evoque got a mild facelift, a little botox in the bumpers of the British style SUV. Nevertheless, it remains the compact SUV with impressive residual values, convinces with modern engines and combines the urban chic with the trekking talents of a comfortable hiking boot.


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