Range Rover Reborn - Old yet new

The first of ten Reborn vehicles of the first Range Rover generation

The purchase of a restored classic is always a matter of trust. Anyone who shies away from the risks of a possibly non-transparent repair can, in the case of Land Rover confidently turn to the manufacturer. In a Reborn program old legends of the off-road brand are completely renovated there. In detail and according to the original plans. At least 156.000 Euro costs in the case of 1970 to 1996 built, first Range Rover generation.

The almost 40 years old two-door in Bahama gold shines in new splendor

As the first vehicle of a total of ten Ur-Range rovers of the Reborn series, a two-door vehicle from the year 1978 in Bahama gold was completely overhauled. At that time the engines were big, but the power output was poor: Under the hood is a new staggered Rover V8 with 3,5 liter displacement, which sends only 135 PS and 251 Newtonmeter via four-speed gearbox to all four wheels. And as befits a range, there is in addition to the all-wheel drive nor a Gelandereduktion and a lockable center differential.

The 3,5-liter V8 from Rover looks like new

However, the Reborn-Range is not a bargain, because at least on the German used car market are restored vehicles in top condition for five-figure sums. (Mario Hommen / SP-X)

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