Change of lighting technology in the vehicle

The “E” symbol must not be missing

Anyone who buys new light sources for their car should always look carefully. A letter must not be missing under any circumstances.

Older vehicles often only have simple lighting technology. This can now be changed quite easily, for example with a retrofit solution with halogen technology. If you decide to do so, you should pay attention to the approval mark when buying. The so-called "E-mark" is a circle with a capital E and a number in it, plus an approval number. TÜV Süd points this out. The "E" confirms that the light source has been tested and approved in accordance with the regulations of the UN Economic Commission for Europe (ECE).
The installation of unapproved lamps leads to problems. In the main inspection it is classified as a significant defect and the inspector refuses to issue the sticker, according to the TÜV experts.

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