First aid kit in the vehicle

Drivers should regularly check the first-aid kit in their car

A first aid kit in the car can be of great use in the event of an accident. But it should always be complete and to hand - and not too old.

Checking the first-aid kit has been part of the mandatory general inspection for 50 years. Since January 1, 1971, the HU inspectors have checked that a first-aid kit that complies with the standard is on board. Initially, only the vehicles newly registered from January 1, 1971 were affected by this rule; A year later, all cars had to have a first aid kit.
If the first aid kit is missing or the content does not comply with the prescribed standard, this is considered a minor defect. The testing organization GTÜ recommends checking the first-aid kit regularly for completeness and age. Most medical first aid kits expire after 5 years. The GTÜ recommends buying a new set that reliably complies with the current standard. Since 2014, only first-aid kits for vehicles that meet DIN standard 13164 have been allowed to be sold in Germany. In addition, the first-aid kits should always be easily accessible in the vehicle.

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