Which new car accessories ensure a high resale value?

The equipment of a new car is always a matter of taste and not each of the many
Extras also bring added value when the car is later resold. How many and
which tick the car dealer places in the list of options does not only affect the
Purchase price, but also on the value of the car when it is sold later. Who the wrong
or choosing too few extras will reduce the value in the event of resale.

What extras should the new car get?

The example of the compact class clearly shows which extras are worthwhile and what the cars are in
should have this segment. In addition to a navigation device and seat heating, this includes
another automatic air conditioning, a hands-free system and a metallic paint. For all, who
If you value safety, you should also have cruise control, a parking aid and a
Blind spot warning as extras. Ensure a good price when reselling loudly
Expert opinion also includes electric seats, a reversing camera and either a sunroof or
a panoramic roof. With these extras, the car will still be attractive in a few years, what
is then reflected in the price of a sale.

Be careful with individual extras

If special equipment is too tailored to the taste of the car buyer, then it can
there are certainly problems with a later resale. This is especially true for special
Colors of the upholstery or other equipment options that may or may not be original
necessarily mean added value for the car. It is always worth considering whether one
In a few years time, the buyer will be prepared to spend more money than he does on a particular feature
originally maybe wanted. First and foremost, the later interested parties pay particular attention to how
useful is an extra.

These extras are particularly popular

When it comes to the optional equipment of a car there are some things that are very popular and upon the buyer
pay special attention. This of course includes the air conditioning and an emergency brake assistant. On
these extras are particularly important for later resale.

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