Winter window cleaner in the test

Not all dummy cleaner concentrates are convincing

A good window cleaner is particularly important in winter. But not everyone is recommended.

There are big differences in quality when it comes to winter windscreen washers for cars. In a test by the expert organization KÜS, only half of the products received the rating “recommended” or better. The test winner was the “Antifrost and Clear View Concentrate” from Sonax, which was the only one to receive the grade “very recommendable”. With costs of 1,46 euros per liter for the finished mixture, the brand is also not one of the most expensive products in the test.  

“Clear view winter concentrate” from Aral (2,50 euros per liter of mixture), the “windscreen antifreeze concentrate” from the Aldi Süd brand Auto XS (0,60 euros), and the Robby Rob “windscreen antifreeze for winter and summer” were rated as “recommendable” "(0,88 euros) and" Performance windscreen antifreeze concentrate "from Nigrin (0,94 euros). At the end of the test field, the “Wash Washer Frost Protection Pro Concentrate” from Total landed, which was the most expensive cleaner in the test at 4 euros per liter of mixture. Handling, effectiveness and material compatibility were evaluated among other things. 

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