Reserve your desired license plate - this is how it works

Now possible for a few years, it continues to enjoy great popularity: the desired number plate. Due to numerous changes in the laws and regulations, many myths and some half-knowledge about how to get the coveted license plate and what you need to look out for have grown up. To help you here, we have put together the answers to the most common questions for you.

1. What does a license plate cost?

The vehicle registration office charges EUR 10,20 extra for the desired license plate. An additional fee of EUR 2,60 applies for online reservations. You must therefore expect additional costs of EUR 12,80 - but only on average, because the costs for new registrations or re-registration of a car are not regulated nationwide. The responsible administrative district decides this individually for the relevant approval district. The fees are listed online at the respective admission offices (or on site in the waiting room). The price range for the (total) admission fees is EUR 25-60. In addition there are the costs for the embossing of the signs - mostly between EUR 15-20 per pair.

2. Do you have to reserve a license plate in advance?

Basically, you do not have to reserve a license plate in advance. It is sufficient if you request a registration number from the clerk on site at the admission date. This then checks in the database whether the desired combination is still free. If this is not the case, the clerk will suggest 1-2 other alternatives or ask for another suggestion. However, due to the often large number of waiting customers, the clerk will understandably not carry out a 30-minute search for a suitable combination. It is therefore important to consider 2-3 options in advance in order to be able to query them in the database in a reasonable amount of time.

3. Can I reserve online?

In order to be able to check many combinations for availability, all approval bodies now offer an online service. You can enter your desired combination using the search mask. The computer will then automatically tell you whether it is still available in the database. If not, you can make further inquiries as often as you want - in contrast to the on-site appointment, time does not matter here. Once the desired combination has been found, you can make a binding reservation for a small fee (usually due at the appointment at the admissions office).

4. Can I take any combination or are there restrictions?

In principle, no federal state issues abbreviations of National Socialist organizations: KZ, NS, SA or HJ etc. are not possible. The individual regulations can vary in detail between different federal states. Brandenburg, for example, rejects the number 88, whereas Baden-Württemberg sometimes accepts it.
The individual approval districts can also individually block certain combinations, for example to avoid confusion with authorities or known local institutions and companies.

5. Are there combinations that are allowed but not recommended?

Some registration districts issue labels with umlauts such as Ä and Ö. Although this is permitted, it can lead to misunderstandings in non-German-speaking countries, as our local umlauts are not used there. The admissions office can also reject combinations of its own accord in individual cases - for example, JH as an “alternative” to HJ, unless the admitting person has these letters as his initials.

6. Can you check a license plate online but NOT reserve it?

Even if the user interface sometimes suggests something else, there must be an option to abort the process. So yes. However, it may then be that the relevant license plate combination remains blocked in the system online for a few minutes until you can request it again and then make a binding reservation if necessary.

7. Can requested number plates also be reserved online?

Most of the time, the admission offices are accommodating, especially for older citizens without internet access. However, in case of doubt, you have no “proof” of the reservation in hand if the license plate has been assigned in the meantime.

8. How long is a reservation valid?

Depending on the admissions office, 14-180 days. If, for example, you would like to reserve the number plate of your choice for the first car of your own child and the birthday is only in three quarters of a year, you should briefly contact the registration office to informally apply for an extension (which is usually granted without any problems).

9. Can you replace an existing license plate?

Of course, you can switch from a random number plate to a desired number plate at any time. The admissions office has no objections to this. The regular fees are due in full.

10. Can a reservation be canceled free of charge?

Often yes, if you hurry up. Most admissions offices work with an IT system, which can be canceled online free of charge in the first minutes after the reservation. Afterwards or when making a reservation on site, you are dependent on the goodwill of the clerk concerned, whether the clerk will make the cancellation free of charge or require the full or a reduced rate as an allowance.

Conclusion - go straight to the professional and get everything from one source

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