Rediscover old classics

Isetta, the VW Bulli or the Renault 5 - all of these cars are legends. But they are also extinct, or almost, because the electronic scene wants to revive these dinosaurs of the auto industry. The future should be cleaner when it comes to driving, but it can also be a little nostalgic and emotional. The classics are practically reinvented.

Historic yet modern

The “Microlino” has been causing a stir for several years. This car looks astonishingly similar to the Isetta, every legendary "kissing ball" from the 1950s. Intended for two people, with a front-opening door, the little car once made a career for itself. The modern twin, the Isetta, is, however, a Stromer with a 15 hp engine. It weighs only 500 kilograms and drives a maximum of 90 km / h and the battery has a range of 125, ideally 200 kilometers. The price is just under 12.000 euros.

A real icon

The VW Bulli is also an icon that has been revitalized. As an electric van, it is now called “Buzz” and is styled like the ID 3 or ID 4. With the electric bus, Volkswagen wants to give customers a real retro flair and at the same time get them excited about an electric car. The plan is for the new Bulli to come onto the market in 2022, and it is intended as a van for the whole family. Different battery sizes and performance levels are planned, but how much the old, new Bulli will cost is not yet certain.

The new R5

Renault is also planning a comeback for the R5. At the beginning of the year there was a first study on the subject and how Renault intends to transfer the typical character traits to the new R5. The premiere of the small car, which caused a sensation between 1972 and 1996, is planned for 2023. However, the R5 should not be the only classic that the French are reviving as an electric car. If the rumors are to be believed, the R2025 should make a comeback in 4, also as an electric car.

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