Renault Mobilize Limo

In the future, the Mobilize Limo will drive through city centers as an electric taxi. It starts shortly after the premiere.  

Renaults Mobility subsidiary presents at the IAA presented their first car model in Munich. The electric limousine called Limo is to be used as a vehicle for ride-tailing and taxi services in the future. After the trade fair premiere, 40 vehicles are to go into test operation.  

Mobilize can quickly charge

The 4,67 meter long four-door model is based on the Ezoom Yi electric sedan, which Renault recently presented in China together with its local joint venture partner Jianling. A 60 kWh battery provides the power supply, which should make travel distances of up to 450 kilometers possible. Thanks to the DC fast charging connection, the battery should be filled in around 40 minutes.  

Renault subsidiary Mobilize shows its first car

You can't buy the limo, instead Renault plans a subscription model that includes special services in addition to the vehicle. The main target group are ride-hailing providers such as Uber, Lyft and Didi. The company does not say in which markets Renault wants to offer the electric sedan. In Germany, at least classic ride-hailing services are not so far legal. However, the Mobilize offer is to be expanded and, in addition to other services, also include vehicles with the names Duo, Hippo and Bento. 

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