Driving Report: Alpine A110 S

Not that the previous Alpine A110 would be slow, but with the "S", the French put once again 40 horse on it. Please fasten it tight!
The Alpine S provides 215 kW / 292 horsepower

Not that the previous Alpine A110 would be slow, but with the "S", the French put once again 40 horse on it. Please fasten it tight!

With the new Alpine, the Renault Group, to which the traditional racing brand belongs, has long been a direct hit - for quite some time makes the historically correct name A110 baptized modern Alpine retro look exactly the customer happy, the simple no frills want to drive fast in every situation. No excessive engine power, but also no excessive unladen mass - this is the magic of the French from the Alpine factory Dieppe.

The Alpine S costs 66.000 Euro

However, it seems that here too, it is good that a bit more powerful, which is why the Alpine engineers are now upgrading and strengthening the 4,18 Meter sports equipment by 40 PS to now sizeable 215 kW / 292 PS. Of course, the empty weight remains moderate at 1.114 kilograms, which sounds like a funny thing on paper. With a basic price of 66.000 Euro, the French prove a certain self-confidence, but the Alpine with the standard seven-speed dual-clutch transmission but not as uncompromising as some Lotus model or, for example, the Alfa Romeo 4C and just according to everyday use. By the way, you can recognize the "S" version on the orange brake calipers as well as the modified tricolor in the carbon look on the B-pillars.

To board the Alpine, succeeds in contrast to some competitors from the strike of a Lotus Elise quite effortless, and the bucket seats present themselves in a way that one would simply take the purists on the longer journey, if one is traveling light luggage. Because the entrainment capability of the mid-engined sportsman is quite limited with a total of 196 liters accumulated luggage space volume.

The Alpine S provides 215 kW / 292 horsepower

But you should not worry about such shortcomings here, and it can be assumed that the targeted clientele does not. So, please bring the 1,8 liter turbocharged engine to an awakening start and be happy. Angry, the turbocharged four-cylinder snorts off, still has enough exhaust pressure to trumpet powerful despite dampening turbines in the flap-controlled exhaust line. But all that happens in a kind of elegant, smooth-cut way. The Alpine is expressive, but not a screamer. Her bodywork also fits quite well to this character, which scores with restrained elegance - it also changes the incorporated in the rear bumper diffuser nothing.

But alas, the right pedal tilts to the bottom plate. Then the little Alpine is a wild racer, thanks to rear-wheel drive and perfectly balanced weight distribution (44 percent front and 56 percent on the rear axle) persuade at any time by accelerator command to drift. Qua extra power is now even more biting from the turn - when the 0,4 bar with higher boost pressure operating turbo tackles, the pressure in the cross is already drastically. Only 4,4 seconds granted the manufacturer his athlete up to the 100 km / h mark, the top speed falls out with 260 stuff properly. Once you have settled in and knows the red line, it is quite fast on the winding country road. Then you recognize the raison d'être of the furniture with the broad cheeks, especially since the technicians have the sharpened model a little tighter than the base aligned. In order to complete the repertoire for nimble cornering, they also give the Alpine an ultra-precise power steering, which should always be met with concentration, whether it's their directness.

Incidentally, you can recognize the "S" version on the orange calipers

But the Alpine is also on this side of the border area quite well and impresses again with their suspension: On bad roads, the athlete is namely from a very gentle side and even rolled over aggressive transverse joints conceivable smooth. If you want to further reduce the unsprung masses, invest 1.000 Euro extra for the forged Fuchs wheels in 18 inch format.

The steering is precise

The everyday utility of the Alpine A110 also includes the standard parking sensors, and the infotainment group will be rewarded with a large touchscreen in the center console and a range of instruments that consists of a mere display area. In normal mode, the monitor replicates classic round scales, so that even traditionalists get their money's worth. If the driver activates the sports mode or even the track mode at the press of a button, the graphics in the speedometer area change - digital is the trump card here.

Last but not least, Alpine has a lot of delicacies for fans of carbon. The most expensive of these is certainly the roof of the carbon material, it beats with 2.380 Euro. In contrast, the 1.785 Euro extra-cost leather seats with carbon trim are a real bargain. But those who order the Alpine A110 S as delivered in Dieppe by default do not go wrong. The most beautiful option is anyway the great mix of driving activity and a strikingly good everyday usability. And GPS and sound system are also included.

Only 4,4 seconds the manufacturer allows his athlete up to the 100 km / h mark

Alpine A 110 S - Technical data:

Lightweight sports coupé, length: 4,18 meters, width: 1,80 meters, height: 1,25 meters, wheelbase: 2,42 meters, trunk volume: 96 liters at the front, 100 liters at the rear

1,8-liter four-cylinder Otto with turbocharging and direct injection, seven-speed automatic (dual clutch), 215 kW / 292 horsepower, maximum torque: 320 Nm at 2.000 to 6.400 rpm, 0-100 km / h: 4,4 s, Vmax: 260 km / h, average fuel consumption: 6,5 l (combined), CO2 emissions: 146 g / km, efficiency class: E, emission standard: Euro 6d-temp, price: from 66.000 Euro

Alpine A110 S - short characteristics:

Why: Because the Alpine is incredibly powerful and at the same time economical

Why not: Because the Alpine is not a classic all-purpose car

What else: Lotus Elise - but also heavier candidates like Porsche Cayman, Toyota GR Supra or Audi TT

When: immediately

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