French with chic and charm - the Renault Talisman in the test

Will the new talisman bring luck to the French? Well, it just had to be. Talisman. Okay - it's not about choosing a name, it's about the car behind it. And the French have no easy time there either, at least in Germany. Business limousines and station wagons, the German would rather buy conservatively. And the French have never been conservative. Even the youngest child, the talisman, is definitely not conservative. But one after anonther.

Driving report: Renault Talisman dCi160

Just do not be conservative

The upper middle and upper class is actually completely left to the German premium providers and their derivatives at Renault. In the middle class, a vehicle like the Renault Laguna was - politely speaking - not exactly at the top of the segment. That should change now. For a few months, Renault has put a veritable sedan on its wheels with the Talisman, and the Grandtour estate version is now also available. mein-auto-blog drove the sedan with the largest of the three available diesel engines, a 1,6-liter unit with 160 hp, automatic transmission and all-wheel steering.

Length is running

The first impression: a really big car. With 4,85 meters in length, it almost bursts the limits of its class, for example, is much closer to a Mercedes E than a C-Class. The space available at the front is correspondingly generous. And since the seats are very comfortable, the talisman already fulfills the most important requirements for a touring vehicle. There is also plenty of room for your luggage, but 600 liters only hold a boot that can be loaded over a high level. Who needs more space, folds the rear seats and can invite about 1.000 liter. This may even be the best use for the back seat on a long journey, as the generous space in front and behind has fallen a little victim in between: it is far less comfortable in the back and a bit cramped for adults.

Visually, the talisman is far more eye-catching than its inconspicuous predecessor Laguna. The large Renault is completely in the current design style of the brand, carries a mighty grill in front of it, shows the usual "coupé-like lines" in the lateral lines, that is, a sloping roof that surely opens up its part to the rather narrow cut contributes to the rear seats. That is why the French also call it a “coupé limousine”. Well, if it boosts sales.

Four-wheel steering and things like that

Technically, Renault has put a lot of effort into its flagship and shows that it wants to keep up with the top dogs from VW, Skoda and Ford. In contrast to this, the Talisman is already well equipped from the start, the "Intens" line, which is always combined with this engine, has full LED headlights, light and rain sensors, navigation systems, various assistants, automatic climate control and Sense system ready. The latter allows individual setting of the vehicle characteristics. And as a technical gimmick on board: The 4Control all-wheel steering, which turns the rear wheels in the opposite direction to the front wheels at low speeds, thus reducing the turning circle from 11,6 to 10,8 meters. From 50 km / h (in comfort mode, in sport mode from 80 km / h) they steer parallel to the front wheels, which should ensure more driving stability at higher speeds.

In fact, the Renault runs stoically straight on the highway. We absolutely do not want to understand the frequently expressed criticism of the chassis, but the Talisman is certainly not a miracle of comfort. This may also be due to the 19-inch wheels on the special equipment. It is also irritating that the adaptive chassis could appear to us as too hard and too rocky at the same time and in the same setting (comfort). This and the sometimes illogical operation of the functions, which takes a lot of getting used to, almost exclusively via the 8,7-inch touchscreen, are the main points of criticism of the vehicle. In sport mode, the far too artificial sound that is supposed to simulate an agile engine is also annoying. Emotionally through sound? Less would have been more here.

In contrast, the drive combination of the only 1,6-liter diesel and the six-speed dual clutch automatic can convince. Renault has to counter the lack of displacement with two turbos and so the “small diesel” fights bravely in the 2.0 liter diesel class. The fact that he also drives the talisman ahead with sufficient speed means that the displacement penalty is forgotten. The unit worked quietly and economically, especially on long journeys at constant speeds. Only when you press down on the accelerator - for example to overtake - does the engine give you a grumpy feeling that it would have liked to have had more displacement in addition to the turbochargers. The average consumption of 6,4 liters with an often ambitious driving style and long motorway stretches is worth all honors. Less than 6 liters seem realistic to us with more cautious use in everyday life.

The great Frenchman promotes both this motorization as well as its comfortable seats and the somewhat indirect steering a more relaxed driving style. What also contributed to the full equipment of our test car, with all the available extras and inclusive delicacies such as a head-up display, heated steering wheel or a Bose sound system still stands for 41.300 Euro in the list and could go down as a bargain.

At the end...

So remains a largely overwhelmingly positive impression: minor weaknesses in operation and suspension and too little space in the rear seats are the impeccable workmanship, the fuel-efficient engine, the lush equipment, the attractive pricing and last but not least, an extended warranty. Five years to 100.000 kilometers granted Renault. For frequent travelers, the kilometer restriction does not seem quite convincing, but the average user will not mind. For him, the guarantee is just another reason to sit back and relax in this Frenchman. After all, we expect nothing less from a modern limousine from our neighboring country.

[= ”Notification_mark”]The ideal car for:

Expressive natures, to whom an illogical service does not seem so wrong, if one can trump it with a large rhombus and fine design.

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Not at all conservative

Alternative to: Ford Mondeo, Volkswagen Passat and Skoda Superb
Match with: People with inner peace and the desire for great design
That convinces: Downsizing and design have succeeded!

All technical data of the Renault Talisman dCi160 at a glance:

The vehicle registration for the Renault Talisman test car

dCi160 4control automatic
base price41.000 €
external dimensionslength x WIDTH X HEIGHT4849, 1868,1463, XNUMX mm
Boot capacityVDA608 to 1022 L.
Displacement / engine1598cm³ / 4 cylinder
Performance118 kW / 160 PS (380 Nm)
top speed215 km/h
Acceleration 0-100 km / h9,4 s
Consumption4,5 L / 100 km
test consumption6,5 L / 100 km
[= ””] As of 01.12.2016/XNUMX/XNUMX

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All photos: Diana Habegger


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