News: Renault Mégane - France's attack on the Gulf

The new, fourth generation of the Renault Megane makes its debut at the IAA in Frankfurt.

With a construction period of seven years, the Renault Mégane is one of the longest-serving models in the highly competitive compact class. The new, fourth generation makes its debut at the IAA in Frankfurt (September 17-27). It goes on sale in winter.

The first pictures show the more confident appearance with which the Renault competitors like the VW Golf and the Peugeot 308 want to face in the future. The design is based on the recently launched Renault flagships Espace and Talisman. In addition to the large and prominently placed brand logo on the front, the C-shaped daytime running lights around the headlights are particularly striking. The body flanks are modeled more muscularly than last, at the rear there are LED lights drawn far in the middle. Overall, the hatchback sedan now appears flatter and wider, the overhangs are shorter, the wheelbase has increased.

At the rear there are LED lights drawn far to the middle.
At the rear there are LED lights drawn far to the middle.

In addition to the standard version of the five-door model, the sporty GT version can also be seen in Frankfurt; among other things, it wears another front apron with large air inlets and a diffuser at the rear. Renault does not yet show any pictures of the interior. However, the cockpit is said to be significantly higher quality than the predecessor, which is often criticized in this point. The Laguna with its large central display in the center console should also be a role model.

Renault is using the new group platform under the sheet metal, on which Talisman and Espace are already standing. The Mégane also takes over some of the engines from the latter. These include the 1,6-liter diesel with up to 160 hp. Among the petrol engines, the economical 0,9 liter engine with around 100 hp from the Clio should be used. Renault only wants to announce details at the IAA.

Then a price is probably mentioned. This should continue to start at around 16.500 euros.

Author: Holger Holzer / SP-X


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