News: Renault Twingo - Riot in the dwarf country

"Big can be so small", the slogan for the first Twingo is still fitting for the new generation.

The Renault Twingo is back and is preparing to show the current automotive charm and heartbreaker like Fiat 500 and Opel Adam who is the real boss in the area of ​​the "oh-how cute-and-cute-is-the-because" tiny thing. Can he cause turmoil in the dwarf country? In the everyday test, he not only had to demonstrate his outer forms, but also his inner values.

The not-so-young drivers will still remember the first Twingo (1993 - 2007): small, cheeky and practical, it took the (women's) driver's hearts by storm with its googly eyes and the optional folding roof. Small car driving was suddenly no longer embarrassing but hip. In contrast, the second generation - although technically the much better car - was unable to build on the successes of its predecessor.

Twingo Number Three superficially relies on the tried and tested and plays the cuteness card again. With success: The front is reminiscent of a friendly face, which makes even the most bearded male observer in our neighborhood a smile. Short overhangs, cuddly wheel arches and a well-formed rump "round off" the 3,60 meter short. The interior is colorful and cheerful. Many shelves - including a closed glove box and a removable storage compartment in the center console with lid - help to keep order. However, the box in the center console likes to collide with the lower legs of the driver and front passenger. Of course, the five-door, as in our test car can be customized as desired, for example, with decorative stickers or extra beautiful alloy wheels.

The interior is colorful and cheerful. Many shelves help to keep order.
The interior is colorful and cheerful. Many shelves help to keep order.

Wait a minute: five-door? The third generation now comes as standard with five doors. They are especially handy for such a tiny thing. Entry and exit succeed so easily. Incidentally, the additional portals are not the only innovations. As with its design partner Smart forfour, the engine is now in the back and the drive is also via the rear axle.

In the meantime, the Twingo has not mutated into a rear spin, not even with our 66 kW / 90 PS strong top engine. The chassis is nicely tuned and the electronics intervene gently when needed. The 90 PS are generated from a 0,9-liter Dreizyinder, they help the French to quite fast drive values ​​and at higher speeds to the typical whirring noises. 135 Nm provide passable pulling power from 2.500 revolutions, but it certainly helps to use the class-typical five-speed gearbox specifically. Also important: The brake pedal should pass properly. The delay effect takes effect relatively late. The standard sprint succeeds in 10,8 seconds, however, the maximum speed is already reached with Tempo 165. On the highway, the engine and gearbox indicate this by reluctant growl and shake. Although the little did not give a bad figure on the highway - and was by no means the slowest vehicle - his ideal location is of course more of the city or the highway. In the city, the Twingo amazes the other road users by its tight turning radius of only 8,60 meters. Where others still crank, one is already gone.

One is astonished even when looking at the consumption display, unfortunately not necessarily positive. As with other small turbos, the practical thirst for everyday life of the tested three-cylinder significantly exceeds the theoretical standard consumption. Instead of 4,3 liters, 6,5 liters flowed through the pipes.

For a positive surprise on the other hand provides the luggage. It holds in normal position 219 liter, not a bad value for a tiny. By folding down the two-part rear seat back up to 980 liters are available. The folding of the backrest is done simply by pulling a lever. The nice thing: It creates a flat loading floor. If you still fold the passenger seat, fit objects up to 2,31 meter length into the vehicle. Even if you do not constantly transport bulky furniture packages: Six large water boxes are also good examples of the practicality of the Twingo.

Short overhangs, cuddly wheel arches and a well-formed rump "round off" the 3,60 meter short.
Short overhangs, cuddly wheel arches and a well-formed rump "round off" the 3,60 meter short.

The cargo does not have to be galling, even the up to four passengers can not really complain about lack of space in view of the footprint of the vehicle. Of course, the fund users are dependent on the good will of their forefathers, they should not have to twist their knees. There is no sliding rear seat, fresh air can only be inserted into the rear window.

Speaking of equipment details: As with the Fiat 500 or Opel Adam, prospective customers have to be a little liquid if they want to enjoy the dwarven charm to the fullest. The test Twingo in the highest equipment level costs Luxe from 13.590 euros, including air conditioning, fog lights, electrically adjustable and heated exterior mirrors, front electric windows, 15-inch alloy wheels, lane departure warning system and leather steering wheel. And of course, more money can be invested - but this is nothing unusual in the world of "oh-how cute-and-cute-is-the-because" tiny things and causes no uproar among customers.

Author: Elfriede Munsch / SP-X

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