Renault Alpine Première Edition - App-driven action

At the beginning of 2016, Renault showed the new Alpine as a near-series study

The market launch of the expected for a long time Renault Alpine will take a while longer. The French will only deliver the first examples of the new sports car model at the end of 2017. The mid-engine flounder can already reserve the impatient version of the so-called Première Edition via smartphone app.

Interested parties can download an app from that can be used to reserve the Première Edition

The French have not yet revealed much about this first variant. Images published so far only show a near-series study or prototypes wrapped in camouflage film. With regard to the technical data, the information situation is also poor. Renault promises a sprint time of less than 4,5 seconds. The colors and prices, on the other hand, become a little more specific: the preliminary edition can be ordered in blue, black or white. For the binding reservation, customers have to pay 2.000 euros, the final purchase price is between 55.000 and 60.000 euros.

The series model of the Alpine shows for the time being only wrapped in camouflage film

Incidentally, the Première Edition is limited to 1.955 vehicles. This number represents the year the Alpine brand was founded. If you want to secure one of these copies, you have to download the corresponding reservation app from your website to your smartphone. (Mario Hommen / SP-X)

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