Renault Clio RS 16 - small and extreme

The small car has 273 PS

On the occasion of the return to the 1 formula Renault the special model Clio RS 16. The extreme version of the small car comes with 201 kW / 273 PS, adopts chassis components from motorsport and also sets accents on the outside.

Prices are not fixed yet
Prices are not fixed yet

If the gasoline engines in the standard Clio have a maximum displacement of 1,2 liters and even in the normal sports model Clio RS they only have 1,6 liters, a 2,0-liter turbo engine works in the edition. The four-cylinder was previously in the top model of the compact Mégane, but now lets its 360 Nm torque fall a class lower on the front wheels. Renault does not provide any information on performance or consumption.

According to Renault, the car department has got help from the brand's racing professionals so that the power arrives on the road. The small car has, among other things, a special front suspension with a decoupled steering axle, adjustable shock absorbers with double-flow valves and the reinforced rear axle of the rally sport Clio.

Renault turns the Clio into a racing car
Renault turns the Clio into a racing car

The design of the yellow-black painted special model is based on the current Formula 1 vehicle, in addition there are wider fenders and sills, a roof spoiler and 19 inch rims. The right sound is provided by an Akrapovic exhaust system. Inside, sports seats with six-point belts provide a racing feeling. To save weight, the rear bench seat and air conditioning were removed. For the same reason, the lead battery was replaced by a lithium-ion battery.

Renault does not name prices. However, it will be close to 35.000 euros. The currently most powerful production clio, the RS Trophy 1.6 T with 161 kW / 220 PS, costs 24.490 euros.

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