Renault Mégane Grandtour GT - See red and drive blue

Strong on 200 PS: The Renault Mégane Grandtour GT

Since last autumn the combi - versions of the Renault Mégane at the dealers. Most customers opt for the now available in the fourth generation Grand Tour for the 130-PS versions, which have the French for both gasoline and diesel engines in the program. But if it may be a little more, the GT variant comes with 205 PS into play. At least 30.190 Euro are due for the fast station wagon.

Although there are significantly faster compact station wagons - Renault will not bring a direct competitor for such racers well beyond the 250 PS mark until 2018 - the 1,6-liter turbo gasoline engine with 151 kW / 205 PS does its job well and provides a lot of driving pleasure. The value of 280 Nm for the maximum torque reads quite promising for a small turbo, but it is also convincing in practice. A light step on the gas pedal and the 1,5 ton GT sprints off. The high-revving engine, which is coupled to a seven-speed DSG, provides full pulling power at 2.400 rpm. The standard sprint takes 7,4 seconds; Reaching the top speed of 230 km / h is no problem on a free motorway.

Despite its 4,63 meter long body, the Mégane Grandtour belongs to the compacts of the compact class

The French compact can not only fast, he can also fast. Narrow cornering is a lot of fun thanks to the standard all-wheel steering 4Controll. The rear wheels hit up to Tempo 60 in the opposite direction to the front axle. This not only reduces the turning circle, but also makes it possible to take turns in a tight and precise manner. At higher speeds (from Tempo 80 in Sport mode) front and rear wheels are aligned in the steering direction, which also supports fast cornering.

The standard spurt lasts with the Renault Mégane Grand Tour GT 7,4 seconds, the top speed is 230 km / h

Speaking of sport mode: Renault offers three programmed driving modes for the station wagon. In addition to the "Sport" mode, "Comfort" and "Neutral" can also be selected via the large display of the multimedia system. The respective modes have their own ambient lighting and speedometer displays. The driver can also put together his or her request concert. Under "Perso" you can set preferences for the engine sound, the speed of gear changes, steering resistance or the response behavior of the electronic accelerator pedal and determine whether you want to look at a digital speedometer or an analog display. There is also the option of changing the color of the displays and the ambient lighting. In red, for example - to match a sporty driving style.

Depending on the driving mode, the Renault Mégane Grandtour changes the ambient lighting and the tachometer display

A look at the fuel consumption indicator, however, keeps the too lively throttle response within limits: Nine liters per 100 kilometers flow freely at full throttle on the highway through the lines. Those who take a more moderate approach, but can get away with less than eight liters. The standard value of 6 liters has no chance of fulfillment in everyday driving with an 205-PS vehicle anyway.

On the other hand, the space available is quite everyday. The 4,63 meter long load carrier offers decent space and many shelves. Although the boot capacity (521 up to 1.504 liters) is not record-breaking despite the length of the vehicle, it should be enough for most purchases and vacation trips. When it comes to equipment, the top station wagon is no nakedness and offers much for the listed list price. Among other things, the GT includes a two-zone air conditioning system, multimedia system, LED headlights, four-wheel steering, Lane Keeping Alert, traffic sign recognition, high-beam assistant and specific GT body parts such as grille and front apron. Sports seats for driver and front passenger, sports steering wheel and aluminum pedals complete the offer. So that neighbors and friends could see that the test car is not an average combination, the GT came in the intense metallic paint "Iron Blue" (surcharge 790 Euro) and on chic 18-Zöllern (surcharge 450 Euro) driven up.

Although the boot capacity (521 up to 1.504 liters) is not record-breaking despite the length of the vehicle, it should be enough for most purchases and vacation trips

But more is always possible: the navigation system, a colored head-up display, a Bose system with 10 loudspeakers, an adaptive cruise control system and an Alcantara leather interior all contributed to the cost of the test vehicle 36.500 Euro added. Blue drive and red-eye is already included. (Elfriede Munsch / SP-X)

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