Renault Twingo Electric

In the basic version Life, the Renault Twingo Electric costs 21.790 euros according to the Bafa list

The electric Twingo is now also available with fewer features. That makes the car cheaper. If you then deduct the e-car premium, conventional vehicles are more expensive.

Renault's recently introduced Twingo Electric is currently only available in Germany in the lavishly equipped Vibes version at prices from 24.790 euros. Other equipment variants are not yet available. But in the current list of eligible electric cars from Bafa, the cheaper variants are already listed. Accordingly, the Twingo Electric costs 18.311 euros net in the basic Life version. Including VAT, the base price of the small electric vehicle is therefore 21.790 euros. Less the innovation bonus, the effective price for the end customer drops to 12.210 euros.

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