Renault Twingo GT - want more

Hardly poses Brabus its sportiest Smart, Renault is following suit with the Twingo GT. No wonder that the two microcars are based on the same platform. That the dynamic Frenchman has one more horsepower in the rear? For free! Its 110 hp leave room for improvement when you consider that there was a Twingo RS from its predecessor that made 130 hp. But for now the GT is the largest expansion stage of the French. 

The Twingo has been through a lot in its 23 years. Generation one is almost iconic and is now and then compared to the R4. He was small, cute and practical, the first Twingo. Generation two lost character, but shone with sporty attributes: As a GT, the microcar produced 101 hp, as the RS even 130. The current Renault Twingo GT cannot serve with this, but with 110 hp it has more than the previous GT. The turbo three-cylinder achieves this power from just 900 cubic centimeters. The well-known TCe 90 serves as the basis and is equipped with an optimized intake and a revised engine management system - classic engine tuning.

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So far, the French have not achieved any mileage. There is only an indication of the torque: 170 Nm the small unit squeezes out of the combustion chambers and passes this on to an adapted transmission. The developers have also put their hands on the chassis: In addition to lowering it, the engineers re-tuned the ESP and gave the Renault Twingo GT a new, adjusted steering. The variable steering ratio should also allow more precise handling and a more direct steering feel.

Visually, the little Frenchman is reluctant: in addition to 17-inch alloy wheels, the exhaust system with two tailpipes is the most obvious indication of the increased performance. The lowering, however, is hardly noticeable. What is more interesting is the new and GT-exclusive “Magma Orange”, which gives the Renault Twingo GT a fresh look, while the remaining four colors mainly include gray and black. In addition, the sporty small car gets decorative strips on the roof, which will certainly find their way onto the weaker models in the future. There is also restraint on the inside: orange decorations, metal on the pedals and on the gear knob - done. Of course, this leads to the assumption that a Renault Twingo RS is approaching. Can the short wheelbase combined with a rear engine and rear wheel drive cope? Just wait and see. Or a nice French red wine.


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