Renault shows new logo

According to Renault, the revised logo is a symbol of the brand's dynamism

Recently, several major automakers have renovated their brand logos. Now it is the turn of Renault, who have upgraded their almost 100-year-old symbol for an increasingly digitized future.

Opel, Kia and Peugeot have presented refreshed brand logos since the beginning of the year. Another traditional manufacturer is now following with Renault, which is presenting a graphic new version of the diamond that was introduced in 1925. The new version is simplified and executed more simply, which corresponds to the currently prevailing fashion in the world of global brands. Volkswagen reacted to this trend as early as 2019 and also said goodbye to the premium look and three-dimensionality of its VW symbol. With the graphic simplification to two-dimensionality, the logos should, among other things, make it easier to digitally recognize and represent. In view of the ever advancing digital change, other automakers are likely to follow these examples. Renault wants to gradually apply its new logo to all models from next year. By 2024, the entire range should carry the slimmer diamond.

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