RENNtech AMG GT R R825

RENNtech, a tuner specializing in Mercedes-Benz based directly on the green hell of the Nürburgring, tickles up to 825 hp from the Mercedes-AMGT GT R. Depending on the model, 612 hp up to a brute 825 hp are possible, as with the RENNtech AMG GT R R825.

The maximum torque of the tuned GT R increases up to 850 Nm. These values ​​are achieved through performance packages. By means of a software upgrade for the engine control unit, a downpipe with 200-cell catalytic converter, blow-off valves, high-performance air filter with a high flow rate, and a turbo upgrade available in three stages.

Mercedes AMG GT R tuning

Mercedes-AMG GT R tuning directly from the Nürburgring

RENNtech AMG GT R R825 – sporty performance boost

Where the Affalterbacher's acceleration comes to an end at 318 km/h, increasing the Vmax limiter in the RENNtech version helps to increase the top speed. To ensure that the increased performance of the 4,0-liter twin-turbo V8 does not overwhelm important parts, the transmission and clutch are reinforced.

Mercedes-AMG GT R tuning in front of a fantastic backdrop

The GT R R825 in front of a fantastic backdrop

In addition to technical optimizations, RENNtech also refines the GT R visually. An aero package should develop additional aerodynamic potential. It includes front apron canards, side skirts, a two-stage larger rear wing and an extended diffuser. This gives the R825 an even sportier appearance and provides the necessary contact pressure when chasing the Nordschleife.

Forged wheels with tires ensure grip in the green hell

Forged wheels with semi-slicks ensure grip in the green hell

Forged 10.2 rims in 10×19 and 12×20 inches complete the overall picture of the bright green GT R. Semi-slick tires measuring 285/30 ZR19 and 335/25 ZR20 provide the necessary grip. With their finish in Satin Black and optional accents in Green Hell Magno, the rims blend harmoniously into the typical "Green Hell" look of the Mercedes-AMG GT R tuning from RENNtech.

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