News: Seat 20V20 - To the future

SUV is booming and there is no evidence of a trend reversal. More and more manufacturers are entering the compact and lower segment. So will Seat starting with 2016 with your own product. With the 20V20, the Spaniards in Geneva are now presenting an expressive concept that should not only make you want the future off-road vehicle, but should also provide an indication of the label's optical direction. There are dashing lines and sharp-edged beads - the 20V20 is not even radical, but evolutionarily developed from the current model range and, apart from the futuristic interior, can always go as close to series production. The beefy body ends including underride protection as well as plenty of ground clearance and, of course, all-wheel drive indicate proper off-road capability, and the engines largely correspond to the state of the art today.


There is talk of up to 220 kW / 300 PS on the petrol side - on the diesel side it is up to 176 kW / 240 PS, which sounds suspiciously like the current standard units of the modular transverse modular system on which the SUV will be based. And of course, this also allows the use of alternative drives, for example in the form of plug-in hybrids. They will also be necessary to massively reduce fleet CO2 emissions by 2021 - after all, those who exceed 95 g / km will have to pay a fine. And the manufacturers cannot want that for image reasons alone. The 20V20 also wants to underpin its efficiency with lightweight construction - how light or heavy the Seat 4 × 4 will be in series production remains to be seen. Mostly too ambitious weight goals simply fail because of the costs.


The interior design of the study will hardly make it to mass production, but at least freely configurable instruments are already standard in various series of the Volkswagen Group, so that they can also be expected in the production version of the Seat SUV. The 20V20 offers all sorts of electronic gimmicks, of which one or the other feature could and should really make it into the series. For example, the "ignition key", which is also a control element and also has a display, would be useful and useful. On the 20V20, it has a navigation function that you can also benefit from as a pedestrian. At the same time, he remembers the location of the vehicle - with this system, you can safely forget your parking space. Finally a gimmick with practical benefits.


Author: Patrick Broich / SP-X


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