Seat DriveApp - the Spaniards network

Seat not only networks, the VW subsidiary even wants to become the market leader in this area and discover a whole new branch for itself, which is an integral part of the business plan for the next few years. After all, according to its own statement, Seat was the first manufacturer ever to integrate Apple CarPlay into its vehicles. Now the Spaniards are showing the Seat DriveApp for smartphones with iOS operating system, which mirrors the extensive content of the iPhone on the vehicle display and wants to bring the networked world into the models.

In order for the app to work properly, it uses all relevant vehicle data. The Spaniards want to further enhance the driving experience. Maintenance dates? They don't come as a surprise, but are already stored on the smartphone weeks before - completely automatically. Check the tire pressure before setting off? Quite simply via the display of the cell phone. New winter tires? A suitable offer comes in just in time for the season. But that is exactly the critical point of the whole thing. No, it should be clear to everyone that it will make glasses like the crystal ball a fortune teller. You make yourself dependent and no longer have to think for yourself. Check the tire pressure yourself? Unlearned. Do you know if you really need new tires? Why? The resourceful tire dealer has given notice ...

Of course, Seat sees the development of the DriveApp solely for the benefit of the consumer. In the future, however, the Spaniards want to expand this field to such an extent that they become the market leader in this area. This means that vehicle construction will be maintained, but the supposed ace up its sleeve - the expansion of mobility services - is to be pushed forward strongly.

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The smartphone plays an increasingly important role at Seat

All of this is to be implemented with the FullLink technology, which provides the two most important smartphone operating systems - iOS and Android - equally. It will be available as standard in the Seat Connect models and will also expand the other models at an additional cost. The link to social media channels seems to be a bit far-fetched. Why does my Leon - if I had one - have to interact with Facebook? That brings us back to the topic of the transparent consumer ...

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